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6C Adjustable Safety Razor 6C Adjustable Safety Razor

6C Adjustable Safety Razor

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  • Instructions: Load blade into the top cap, insert the base plate corresponding to desired shaving size, and screw on the handle
  • Fully adjustable razor for any skin type and stubble length
  • Single blade shave; no ingrown hairs, shaving irritation, or razor burn
  • Features size size settings of shaving on three flippable plates (R1-R6)
  • Settings between one-three are great for sensitive skin and less coarse beards/closest shave
  • Settings between four-six best for thick, coarse hair or beards
  • Precision-sharpened, pure stainless steel blades protect against rust
  • Specialized cold-treatment on blades ensures they retain exceptional sharpness
  • Each blade individually wrapped; comes in five blade packs
  • Blades are fully recyclable
  • Handle has deep knurled grip for no-slip shaving
  • Perfect for those looking to move permanently away from multi-blade cartridge razors
  • Weighted and balanced for intuitive handling and glide
  • Made in China
Premium-chromed zinc alloy razor and stainless steel
Change blades every one-seven shaves depending on shaving preference
A Rockwell Razor 6C in white chrome and five pack of blades
6" x 3.5" x 1.5"
0.5 lb
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4.5 avg. (5 reviews)

Best DE razor I’ve used so far
01/17/2020 by Chris
I’m pretty new to wet shaving as I have been doing it since about November 2019. So I’m no expert by any means. However I have used about six different types of razors ranging from Schick to simplex to of course Gillette. I have to say that the Rockwell puts them all to shame. Smooth, and carefree is how I would characterize a shave by the Rockwell.
Preferred Razor
05/15/2018 by Jamzie
Takes a little practice but have moved passed nicks and cuts. Quality product. Will use for years to come.
Threads did not hold up.
12/03/2017 by Fred
I wrote a review of this razor on 10/28/2017. Unfortunately the threads stripped on the 6C razor, so I cannot recommend. I do like the Rockwell 6S razor very much
Don't ever buy drug store razor blades again!!!
11/20/2017 by jack
With 6 different razor settings and 50 blades for $10 ...I'll never buy another razor again! And oh, it's also beautiful and Made for a Lifetime. Get the stand, it's useful.
Like having your choice of six razors.
10/28/2017 by Fred
Beside having your choice, through 2 sides of 3 different plates, of what amounts to 6 razors of varying degrees of aggressiveness, the rods, that are permanently attached to the cap, keep the razor blade, the cap and the the plate you are using in great alignment. These rods are long so that you can loosen the handle a good amount to swish out any accumulated debris without having to fuss with re-alignment when re-tightening the razor. This is a great convenience that I have not seen in another safety razor.
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6C Adjustable Safety Razor

Don’t buy another razor—this robust, Made for a Lifetime adjustable safety razor cuts clean and close to the skin and its double-edged blade helps prevent irritation. With six different size settings, you can get the perfect angle to match your face’s contour, skin type, and hair length. The buffer between the blade’s edge and your skin gives extra safety, too.

Rockwell Razors

This might be the last razor you ever buy. Rockwell’s adjustable safety razor’s Made for a Lifetime design uses stainless steel blades for a clean, close-to-the-skin cut.

They pride themselves on great craftsmanship and a clean, close shave. The single, double-edged blade won’t tug or pull on hair, giving you smooth results minus the ingrown hairs and irritation. And, for added safety, they’ve built a buffer between the edge of the blade and your skin.

Their more robust razor comes with three adjustable plates (for a total of six size settings), which lets you match it to your skin type and facial hair length. Plus, the plates angle to your face’s contours. If you’re looking for an induction, the Rookie Razor has a single plate and is a great upgrade from disposable razors.

The substantial metal body on every Rockwell razor is engineered to last. Instead of tossing out entire razors, you just replace the blades. Not only is that soft on your skin, it’s also wallet- and planet-friendly. more Their Story