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Adjustable Safety Razor Stand Adjustable Safety Razor Stand

Adjustable Safety Razor Stand

Independent Maker
Sustainable Living

Full Details

  • For use in conjunction with Rockwell Razors
  • Elegant solution to hold stainless steel razors upright and off of counters
  • Designed to perfectly fit and match all Rockwell razor models
  • Please note: Razor sold separately
  • Made in China
Stainless steel
2.95" x 2.95" x 1.7"
0.4 lb
Independent Maker
Sustainable Living


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10/22/2019 by Timothy
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Adjustable Safety Razor Stand

Show off your Rockwell Razor—and tidy up your bathroom space. This stainless steel razor stand props it up and matches your razor’s minimalist aesthetic.

Rockwell Razors

This might be the last razor you ever buy. Rockwell’s adjustable safety razor’s Made for a Lifetime design uses stainless steel blades for a clean, close-to-the-skin cut.

They pride themselves on great craftsmanship and a clean, close shave. The single, double-edged blade won’t tug or pull on hair, giving you smooth results minus the ingrown hairs and irritation. And, for added safety, they’ve built a buffer between the edge of the blade and your skin.

Their more robust razor comes with three adjustable plates (for a total of six size settings), which lets you match it to your skin type and facial hair length. Plus, the plates angle to your face’s contours. If you’re looking for an induction, the Rookie Razor has a single plate and is a great upgrade from disposable razors.

The substantial metal body on every Rockwell razor is engineered to last. Instead of tossing out entire razors, you just replace the blades. Not only is that soft on your skin, it’s also wallet- and planet-friendly. more Their Story