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Bison Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Bison Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Curved to fit comfortably in your front pocket Fits all of your bills and cards RFID protection
Made in the USA

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: Lewiston, ME
  • Full-size banknote section
  • Fits comfortably in front pockets of pants
  • Contains three or six card slots, comfortably holds six or twelve credit cards
  • RFID-blocking protection
  • Materials: Genuine antique bison leather
  • Dimensions: 5" x 3.4" x 0.25”
  • Weight: 0.106 lb
Made in the USA


4.5 avg. (160 reviews)

Great item!
01/16/2020 by Terry
Been looking for something like this for a long time, and this has met my every need. Great job!
Too big
01/14/2020 by Steve
It’s well made and good quality. But it’s too big. I replaced my worn out sail cloth wallet with this one. The sail cloth was much more functional and smaller.
Finally, something that works
01/09/2020 by Suzie
My husband has lost his wallet more times than I care to remember. Most times we eventually find it, but it happens because it falls out of his back pocket. (Little butt and jeans are too loose). So I thought I'd give this side wallet a try and I think it's going to work! Hooray!
A comfortable fit
12/26/2019 by Judy
I bought this for a gift. Although hubby hasn't had a chance to use it, he is very pleased with the design and feel of it in his pocket. Hubby was very surprised as he had never seen this type of design.
Great Idea for a great wallet
12/21/2019 by Arlene Schmidt
Holding for a February birthday gift for my 17 year old grandson so I’ll have to wait for his reviews. I personally love the idea. I love the leather and the boxed presentation. I recently attended an agenda from a certified chiropractor who recommended all men remove their wallets from the rear pocket to avoid back problems.
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Bison Leather Front Pocket Wallet

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Curved to fit comfortably in your front pocket Fits all of your bills and cards RFID protection
Made in Maine, this men’s front pocket wallet has some advantages over the typical back pocket style. It’s safer to carry your billfold in the front, and can also be less stressful for your back. With its curved, slim design, this bison leather wallet fits perfectly into a front pocket, carrying both cash and cards comfortably. For extra protection, it has RFID blockers stitched in.

Rogue Industries

Michael Lyons began designing men’s front pocket wallets when he couldn’t find the right one for himself. Now along with his son Wells, he makes curved wallets to fit easily into curved front pockets.

Michael made the switch to the front pocket to make his back feel better. A trip to the doctor left him with a prescription to stop storing his wallet in his back pocket. It might sound like an odd diagnosis, but it proved true for Michael. And since most of the wallets he found were square or rectangular, they didn’t fit as well as they could—which spurred him to create Rogue Industries.

The Front Pocket Wallets are made in Maine from leather, like cow, bison, or even moose, and can comfortably carry cards and cash. And there’s added RFID protection, too. It’s safer—and can be healthier—to carry your wallet in a front pocket, and these ones are the perfect fit. more Their Story