Travel Roll-up Bag

Travel Roll-up Bag

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  • Materials: Nylon, vinyl, polyester, metal, plastic
  • Care: Hand wash cold, hang dry
  • Wear-resist fabric and high performance mesh for durability
  • Convenient D-rings used to connect the detachable comfort shoulder strap (included)
  • Easily rolls up to conserve space and keep wrinkles to a minimum
  • Features compression rod, swivel hanger hook, and designer buckles and zippers
  • Must-have travel accessory for minimalist travelers. Rolo is about 15x smaller than a rolling suitcase when empty
  • When you unroll it, you can access each and every pocket and see where everything is. Includes 4 pockets to store your stuff
  • Can hold approximately 4 days worth of clothing
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Dimensions: Rolled: 4" x 17" x 4.5" Unrolled: 45" x 17" x 1.5"; Two Upper Pockets: 13" x 16.5"; Two Lower Pockets: 14.5" x 8"
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs.


4.5 avg. (78 reviews)

Awesome Bag
07/10/2019 by Margaret
I just returned from a week of diving. I was able to get 10 T-shirts, underwear, and socks in the compartments. I then put 2 pairs of shorts and 2 Capri pants on the top and folded it over into thirds. Too much to roll and the straps were too short for all that but I just used 2 hair bands to keep it in place and it was perfect. Set into my carry on all nice and neat. I will probably buy a second one for my swimsuits, rash guards and wetsuit. The small mesh pockets will be for dirty underwear and socks. No need to unpack with this. My t-shirts were not wrinkled at all.
Amazing product
06/20/2019 by Suzanne
I knew this would work for my husband, as he's one to throw his toiletries into a plastic bag, grab a T shirt, underwear and socks and be good for the weekend! But I tend to bring more... more clothes, more accessories, just more. So once it arrived, I did a test run, packed what I normally would for the weekend, convinced I would not be able to roll it up once it was full. Not only was I able to roll it up, I could still secure it with the clips. Needless to say, I am impressed and even packed another few garments, just because I could. I did not pack another pair of shoes, but this hardly seemed a deal breaker, as I have a small accessory bag that will work nicely. And in Florida, it's all about sandals anyway.
The best solution for family travel.
04/19/2019 by santosh
I bought two rolos a few years back. My two children use them every trip. So far the kids, now 10 and 12 have traveled for 9 weeks every summer. With these rolos, We have visited 14 countries and at least 3 cities in each country. We hacked the rolo by getting extended straps with side release buckles. The kids pack in 7 to 10 sets of rolled clothing (each roll has a top bottom underwear and socks). After packing the rolo beyond the max of the attached straps, We use the extra straps we bought from rei to cinch it all together and fit it into a 20 inch carry on rolling suitcase. We never check bags. There’s room to spare for other items in the suitcase like a baseball glove. In each city, the rolos come out and are hung up in a closet, the back of a door or even in the bathroom. Some Airbnb’s don’t offer a dresser or a closet in a second room. No problem. The rolo hangs from a door hook.. For laundry purposes, a quick glance reveals how many more days until we need to find a place with a washer and dryer. The kids pack the rolos themselves throughout the trip. Before the rolo, I would be called upon to dig through each of their suitcases looking for a matching outfit or a stray sock. Not anymore! The rolo makes packing and unpacking so much easier. The rolos are tough. One of them has a hanging bar that’s cut through the material just recently after a trip to Costa Rica. I will repair it or purchase another one. The mesh pockets have been loaded to the max so many times!! Not a thread out of place. As avid travelers with kids, I highly suggest the rolo. Just keeps everything organized.
I use it all the time.
02/13/2019 by mike
For an overnight trip or even two nights it holds all I need. You have to be ready to travel with just the shoes you have on, or put other shoes in your back pack or some other carry on.
Surprisingly good
02/13/2019 by Hugo
Bought that on a whim, not sure it would be useful, but it turns out to be great! Solid, useful and bigger than I thought, yet still easy to carry.
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Travel Roll-up Bag

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Travel light, and smart, with Rolo. This lightweight travel bag has four separate mesh sections—two large and two small—that can hold up to four days’ worth of clothing and toiletries. No need to pack & unpack a suitcase on short trips or when hiking, camping, or backpacking. Just roll and unroll Rolo.


Rolo is a lot of things: compression bag, suitcase, wardrobe, organizer… but most of all, it’s a brand new way of packing.

This clever invention maximizes space with four mesh compartments—two large and two small—that hold up to four days’ worth of clothing and toiletries. Simply put your stuff into Rolo’s compartments, roll it up, buckle it, and you’re on your way.

Made with strong fabric, brand name YKK zippers, military grade mesh, and patented side-release buckles, Rolo is built to last. It comes with a convenient shoulder strap that’s perfect for hiking, camping, or backpacking and even short trips. (Heck, you may not even need a suitcase.)

When you arrive, simply unroll it and hang it up in a closet, on a tree branch, or wherever. It’s easy to see—and access—what’s in each pocket. There’s no need to unpack.

The idea for Rolo came to Founders Benjamin Taller and Cheryl Mascari while backpacking through Europe. Unpacking and packing their bag constantly was a pain. They thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to simply roll all our stuff together?”

That epiphany became Rolo. Carry less, travel smarter, and enjoy yourself more when you’re away. more Their Story