Neoprene & Mesh Reusable Dust Mask

Neoprene & Mesh Reusable Dust Mask

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  • Materials: Nylon, elastic, velcro, active carbon filter
  • Care: The exterior shell of each mask is hand washable with warm water and a mild soap. Allow mask to air dry completely after washing. Rinse valves with water should they become dirty. Be careful not to lose the rubber diaphragm inside the valve. Store the mask in the storage bag when not in use
  • Instructions: To find your size, follow sizing guide. Adjust mask to face with nose piece and velcro. Replace filter every 20-30 hours for heavy dust exposure, 30-40 hours in light dust exposure, 50-60 hours when used for allergen and pollution protection, and 60+ hours when used for cold weather protection
  • Includes: One reusable mask, two active carbon filters, and storage bag
  • Lightweight mesh material great for high intensity activities
  • Mask has adjustable velcro, comfortably contours to face keeping unfiltered air out
  • High quality particle filter filters particulates down to 0.1 micron
  • Filter protects against particles such as dust, pollen, bacteria, wood smoke, and auto emissions
  • Filter also protects against organic chemicals such as acrylic, lactic, methanol, nitrogen dioxide, iodine, and chloroform
  • Low profile design makes it easy to wear with a helmet, eyewear, or welding mask
  • One-way discharge valves keep the inside of the mask dry
  • Nose piece adjusts so no air goes up into eyewear
  • Durable and flexible, can be easily put in your pocket
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Medium: 10.5" x 6" x 1"; Large: 11.5" x 6" x 1"; Extra Large: 12" x 6.5" x 1"
  • Weight: 1 lb
Independent Maker


4.5 avg. (20 reviews)

Husband loves it!
06/24/2019 by Kim
I bought this for my husband for Father’s Day. He was very excited to use it, but I ordered the wrong size. The return process went very smoothly and he loves it.
works great
04/26/2019 by Deborah
I bought a second one, because according to my size I was a large.. But the large ended up not fitting well, so I got a medium and it works out great .. I use it for mowing the property and for sanding .. the medium fits better for me around my neck .. I have a small face structure
Use when I work on my craft
04/12/2019 by Ann
I make fused glass. This entails cutting glass, putting pieces together, sometimes pounding glass into tiny pieces called frit. I glue pieces together to enable me to get them into the kiln without having them fall apart. Then I have to fire the piece in a kiln up to about 1400º. I fire the pieces on board with a piece of special paper to protect the kiln shelf from the glass sticking to it. All of this creates dust that isn't good to inhale, so I use a dust mask. This reusable mask with a lining inside is comfortable and very protective. The linings are reusable MANY times. I feel very safe using this mask.
Great product
04/07/2019 by Deborah
I bought for this for myself now that I"m having to do most of the yard work, but also because I have sanding projects as well to do . So this comes in handy for both . I ordered the Large because according to the Size chart , that was my size. But now that I have it, It fits now little too big, I can't get it strapped tight around my neck or head, so that its snug against my chin. it seems as if it stretches out a bit. So Now i'm going to have to give this one to my husband and order me the Medium
Great mask but needs some comfort improvements.
03/19/2019 by RAMON
Excited to use the mask this morning. It worked as advertised, i just have to make sure it is tight around the face for a better seal. When I adjusted the straps, I noticed there was rough patch that was rubbing on my nape. The effect is exacerbated when i turn my head to check for cars and other traffic obstacles. It was the sewn label, and also the outer fringe of the strap that was causing the problem. I could remove the tag but replacing the fringe would be much more difficult to do. Please look into using a better material for the edge; perhaps sewing the patch somewhere else too. I love the product but the strap would be really uncomfortable, a "pain in the neck" (LOL) on the extended walks, bike rides and or runs we were planning to use the masks for in the city where we live. Great product, better than most. Could be improved. Thanks for listening.
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Neoprene & Mesh Reusable Dust Mask

This is definitely not what you picture when you think of a “dust mask.” RZ Masks are sleeker, more efficient, and more comfortable than the traditional kind. The filter part cleans out dust, auto emissions, bacteria, pollen, wood smoke, and other pollutants as tiny as 0.1 microns (that’s one-millionth of a meter!), while the reusable, moisture-wicking mesh part conforms to your face and helps increase airflow.

RZ Mask

This intelligently designed dust mask is more comfortable, stylish, and reusable than the ones you’ve seen.

RZ Masks have a two-part design. The replaceable filter part is really great at cleaning out even the tiniest particles (ones as small as 0.1 micron, or a millionth of a meter). The mask’s reusable, face-contouring, moisture-wicking mesh part helps increase airflow and means you don’t have to toss the whole thing when you’re done.

You’ll breathe in clean air, while particles of pollen, bacteria, wood smoke, dust, auto emissions, and other pollutants stay out.

With a background in dirt biking and construction, Maker Steve Torbenson understands the perils of dust all too well. He wanted to design a mask that was comfortable and attractive for bike commuters to wear under helmets or construction workers to use during the day.

RZ Masks are flexible enough to conform to your face but also to fit in your pocket. And they’re practical enough to keep using half the mask over and over again. more Their Story