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Modular Push-Through Pill Organizer

Modular Push-Through Pill Organizer

by Sagely

Underrepresented Entrepreneur

Full Details

  • Easy push-through design to load pills
  • Easy-to-lift containers kept in place by the magnetized base
  • Vibrant two-color lids indicate day and night
  • Clear pods for easy viewing of your medications
  • Ergonomic design created with ease of use in mind. Perfect for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, and other manual dexterity issues
  • Fits large pills like fish oil, vitamin D, calcium, and multivitamins supplements
  • Free Sagely Pill Reminder App available for Apple and Android devices
  • Each compartment measures: 1.2" x 1.3"
  • Warning: As with all medication storage devices, keep out of reach of children
  • Designed in the USA
  • Made in China
Pods: PMMA; Lids: Latex-free TPU; Base: ABS plastic, magnets. All materials are food grade and BPA-free
Wash with warm water and soap and dry with a soft cloth
Use your finger to push the pills from the lid into the container
Seven pill boxes and magnetized base
Entire unit: 12.5" x 3.8"x 1.5"; Each pod: 1.5" x 1.5" x 1.2"
1.1 lbs
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


4 avg. (66 reviews)

Great design - not good for travel
01/22/2020 by Lori
A little pricey but I haven't found anything better! Size is perfect. Love the "look" - it sits on my kitchen countertop near my Keurig so I remember to take my vits daily. The magnetic platform it sits on provides a "home", but that I can also "grab & go" with an individual container for the day. (That being said, I gave 2 as Xmas gifts but my husband didn't want one bc he travels - ie, you can't just pack these in a suitcase since there's no outer case. Perhaps a clear or silicon zipper case that fits snug so they would stay in place on the magnet platform... but still it'd take up too much space in a suitcase) I also appreciate that the containers are see-thru allowing a peak to confirm what vits I've already put in. Easy and convenient to push pills thru - I haven't had a spill yet! The negative is that if/when the silicone lid comes off, it's nearly impossible to get it back on. I've tried several "tools" and have eventually had some luck manipulating the tiny silicone lip back into the hard plastic ridge, but it's time-consuming and inconvenient. I've resorted to rubberbands in the short term :( I recommend trying NOT to let the lids come all the way off when extracting your pills. Any input/solution (or heck, create a tool for this) would be appreciated as I gave 2 of these Push-Thru Pill Organizers to my parents (who also love them!)
Go ahead and try
01/21/2020 by Sandra
Awesome pill holder...easy to fill without dropping some pills on the cat's head. Large enough to hold an array of life-saving heart pills. Easy to retrieve. Blue and chartreuse color easy to find in a messy, very messy, house. Don't buy it if you are trying to be subtle about needing meds.
Excellent product.
01/05/2020 by Jane
Excellent quality, easy to use. Super helpful!
Useful, health-centric gift!
01/05/2020 by Lori
(Glitch in rating stars, but I'd rate it 4.5-5!) This pill organizer takes "taking your vitamins" to a whole new level. Gave one to each of my parents for gifts and they're finally very organized with their meds! My New year's vitamin regimen is well on it's way since i bought one for myself as well :)
Great for vitamins too
12/26/2019 by Sandra
I ordered the mint/coral for my vitamins. It holds a ton of vitamin pills of all sizes. I use it as a 14 day supply. I am ordering another one so I can have a 1 month supply all ready for me. Love it. For me, I need the slightly bigger size. I had a great vitamin holder from the Grommet, where you put the pills in a baggie and then seal it. Very labor intensive. Loved it, but this is way easier. Why, if I am ordering a second one, love it, use it, did I give it 3 stars? Reviewers are right. I poured over them before buying this. The magnets that hold the little containers. Well, they stink. Cheap. When the company gets stronger magnets, I want them to let me know, so I can get a new bottom holder for the containers. Hope this helps.
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Modular Push-Through Pill Organizer

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This weekly pill organizer has flexibility built right in. Seven modular pods rest on a magnetized base and can be individually removed for easy transport. Each clear, roomy pod has push-through lids which are dual-colored for day and night and easy to use, especially for those with dexterity issues.


Sagely pill organizer was invented by Ellie Glazer and Ivor Miskulin, a husband-and-wife team who sought the perfect pill box for Ivor’s grandfather’s medication. The duo spent three years designing their ideal solution.

Easy to set up—and just as easy to use—this organizer has flexibility built into every detail. The modular system is made up of seven roomy and clear pods that fit into a magnetic base. Pop out what you need for daily use or travel. Flexible lids make it a snap to fill a pod—just push pills through the lid—and a two-toned color scheme differentiates day use from night. Pair with the free reminder app to make keeping track of medication as stress-free as can be. more Their Story