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The Whole Shebang - Set of 6 The Whole Shebang - Set of 6

The Whole Shebang - Set of 6

Made in the USA
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

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  • Made in the USA: Brooklyn, NY
  • Ingredients: Egg, milk, wheat
  • Comes with 1 box of each cookie (4 cookies per box) and 1 box of each brownie (2 brownies per box)
  • The Brownie: A simply amazing trio of chocolate & more chocolate with a dash of Halen Mon Sea Salt
  • The Kona: An intense eruption of chocolate brownie with aromatic espresso and Hawaiian Kona Sea Salt
  • The OMGCB: A sweet assault of decadent chocolate brownie with rivers of handcrafted caramel and French Sea Salt
  • The Cookie: A sweet and salty masterpiece of buttery cookie, chocolate, and Maldon Sea Salt
  • The Chocoholic: For the chocolate addict—this cookie has three types of chocolate with a Maldon Sea Salt chaser
  • The Wild Oat: A very adult oatmeal cookie with voluptuous raisins, a slap of aromatic spices, and a kiss of Bali Rama Sea Salt
  • All natural and certified Kosher (OK-D)
  • No preservatives
  • Prepared in a facility that also processes peanuts and tree nut ingredients
  • Cookie Shelf Life: Ambient: 14 Days; Refrigerated: 3 Months; Frozen: 1 Year
  • Brownie Shelf Life: Ambient: 30 Days; Refrigerated: 3 Months; Frozen: 1 Year
  • Box Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 6"
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs.
Made in the USA
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


4.5 avg. (20 reviews)

My Family said "Scrumptious"
01/06/2020 by Leslie
Although my family loved the assorted goodies, I actually thought the price was a little steep for sweets. But the family did think the assortment was delicious. So I was overall happy!
Yummy treats!
12/30/2019 by Theresa
Sent these as a Christmas gift. The recipients were thrilled.
Somewhat underwhelming
06/26/2019 by Jen
I’ve had the OMGCB before and it was amazing! So amazing that I bought a variety pack just to get it again. That brownie is definitely my favorite from Salt of the Earth. The others were not as good. I also found that buying a variety pack meant freezing everything until we were ready to try them. I think that might have affected the overall experience.
salt of the earth cookies & brownies
07/25/2018 by Kimberly
Wonderful cookies and brownies!! Great for a small dessert. Very tasty with a hint of salt. I just wish I could eat them at every meal!!
Really, Really Good
10/05/2017 by Michelle
These are really good sweets. Great gift giving idea too. The one thing that would make it better for me, personally, I would like to see them all sealed in single serving packaging then boxed.
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The Whole Shebang - Set of 6

Reinvented classic treats with handpicked sea salts and exotic spices by wife-husband team in Brooklyn. The Whole Shebang—3 boxes of cookies and 3 boxes of brownies—is the perfect hostess gift no matter where you're going. . . or even when you're not going anywhere.

Salt of the Earth Bakery

Take tastebuds on a decadent adventure with killer cookies and brownies from Salt of the Earth Bakery. This Brooklyn-based bakery ups the ante with sea salts from around the world. The salts are specially chosen to intensify the flavors of each particular treat.

These beautifully boxed sets are a triple threat. In the cookie collection, “The Cookie” is the centerpiece—rich chocolate chips in buttery batter with flaky Maldon sea salt. A three-chocolate cookie and an oatmeal with plump raisins round out the trio. The brownie set boasts triple chocolate, espresso-infused, and one with luscious ribbons of handcrafted caramel.

Founders Alexandra and Haskel Rabbani are married with three kids (their “taste testing team”). Alexandra always liked to cook, but she found her stride when Haskel was preparing for the bar exam. She started concocting out-of-this-world goodies to fuel his 17-hour study sessions.

“The Cookie” was a home run with Haskel and all their friends. They dared her to take it to the local market, and the buyer placed an order right away. The rest is Salt of the Earth Bakery history. With three kinds of treats in presentation-ready packaging, it’s an experience whether you give them away or keep them to yourself. more Their Story

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