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Honeycomb Acacia Tray, 12 oz Honeycomb Acacia Tray, 12 oz

Honeycomb Acacia Tray, 12 oz

Sustainable Living

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  • Ingredients: 100% pure, unfiltered, raw acacia honey
  • The honey inside the beeswax honeycomb cells represents the purest and most nutrient-dense raw honey available
  • From acacia forests of Hungary
  • Dimensions: 5.5" x 4.5" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 0.94 lb.
Sustainable Living


4.5 avg. (14 reviews)

Love this
01/08/2020 by Grace
My daughter has always wanted to try this. It came wonderfully packed. It is a quality honey and all the family love this. Would recommend
Great taste
11/02/2019 by Christina
Love this honey but the package is a little difficult to open if any honey gets on the rim. Run it under hot water to melt the rim honey to open it easier.
thought there would be more honey but what is there is ie
04/20/2019 by Sharon
I thought there would be more honey flowing but was is there is delish
02/23/2019 by Carol
This is the best, I love the honeycomb . So good on English muffins
Packing disaster
10/03/2018 by Jeanie
I would have given this product more stars, but it came packed on its side and the package was left on my hot porch. By the time I open the box, the honey had leaked all over the box and the other items I had ordered, a big sticky mess. I think most of the honey leaked out which is a shame because it was pricey. It is fun to eat however.
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Honeycomb Acacia Tray, 12 oz

Acacia honey is one of the most sought after honey varieties in the world. Acacia honey sits at the pinnacle of the honey world and is well-loved for its nearly water-white/gold color, mild taste, incredible clarity, and the slow rate of crystallization.

Savannah Bee

Beekeeping is a labor of love for Ted Dennard, who took it up after a chance encounter with Roy Hightower. Roy was looking for a spot to keep his hives, and in exchange for some space on the Dennard’s forest retreat, he introduced young Ted to the ways of honeybees. Ever since that meeting, bees have been a major part of Ted’s life. He even taught beekeeping in Jamaica when he was with the Peace Corps. Many years later Ted turned his passion into a business, and today he heads The Savannah Bee Company, which offers gourmet honey and gifts created from single blossom types. more Their Story

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