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Portfolio Document Organizer Portfolio Document Organizer

Portfolio Document Organizer

by Savor

Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

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  • Expandable and resealable envelopes are able to fit files of different sizes, for things like financial and estate planning documents to keepsakes to receipts
  • Included illustrated category labels make for easy sorting and organization
  • Made with durable, lead- and acid-free archival quality materials
  • Display-quality cloth-covered filing case
  • Hand-illustrated labels and table of contents help you see what's where
  • Customizable label frames included on box exteriors
  • Made in China
Ten expandable envelopes of different sizes, twenty-six adhesive labels, table of contents
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


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Portfolio Document Organizer

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This display-worthy portfolio organizer will corral all of the important documents you want to show off your work, like resumes, cover letters, design and writing samples and more. There's a place for it all in this thoughtfully designed, cloth-covered storage system. Acid-free folders keep things protected and detailed labels will help you easily sort—and later locate—them.


Use Savor’s keepsake containers to hold life's important mementos in a safe, well organized, and accessible way.

Moms Karla and Jennifer consulted preservation pros (a museum curator, a rare books librarian, and an archivist) as well as professional organizers to create a system that arranges and protects everything inside. Unlike that plastic bin that houses a jumble of stuff, Savor is thoughtfully designed and meant to be seen.

The sturdy cloth exterior and understated design is display-worthy, and an acid-free and lignin-free lining helps to preserve papers and photos.

Drawers make it easy to drop items into the baby edition. There are even wee envelopes for baby’s first curl or tooth, as well as folders to save sonograms and footprints. The school-age edition is all file folders to corral artwork, report cards, and letters to Santa. And the wedding version has lovely stitched envelopes (for invitations, your vows, or the reception toast) and fabric bags (protect hair pins, a garter, or dried bouquet petals).

Sweet, hand-illustrated labels help keep all those keepsakes straight. Many are pre-printed—which is a nice way to prompt you about what to save—while blank labels let you identify your own unique items. more Their Story