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TIKR Dog Treat Puzzle Toy TIKR Dog Treat Puzzle Toy

TIKR Dog Treat Puzzle Toy


Full Details

  • Flexible and durable exterior is easy on teeth and gums
  • Timer can be set for different durations between 5-45 minutes
  • Reveals gradually bigger snacks as timer unwinds
  • Can be used as a feeder or to encourage slower eating
  • Completely mechanical. No batteries or charging required
  • Recommended for small to medium sized dogs, under 50 lbs.
  • Note: TIKR Snack Pack not included
  • Made in China
Food-safe rubber and nylon
Hand wash
3.5" x 3.5" x 4.75"
1 lb


4 avg. (23 reviews)

SNark puzzle toy
01/04/2019 by Melissa
The Shark was well made, but it was too big for our dogs. I ended up giving the toy to a friend with two Golden Retrievers.
Not what I thought
12/27/2018 by Jerilyn
The toy works fine. You fill it with treats and set the wind up timer and give to the dog. The timer counts down for 45 minutes with the opening getting larger to let the dog get the treats. Problem is my dog gets bored waiting 45 minutes for a treat and loses interest.
12/12/2018 by Mary
Puppy just loves it..rather heavy so it’s liud when the dog throws it around..!
My dogs love them!!
10/03/2018 by Ruth
I ordered one of these even though I have 2 dogs. I guess I thought they would share! So I had to buy the 2nd one so now each pup have their own toy. The toy is hardy and easy to use. My older sassy dog is impatient and couldn't wait for the next window to open and started chewing on it. It would not budge! 30-45 minutes of play time!!
Doggy love
10/02/2018 by Ann
This is a great toy and great dispenser. We pack it with some special dental cleaning kibble for him to play with in his crate when,we go away for a few hours. He enjoys going into his crate and loves playing with the toy.
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TIKR Dog Treat Puzzle Toy

This dog treat toy will keep pups happily engaged—and snacking—for up to 45 minutes. TIKR’s got a built-in timer that’s designed to release kibble and snacks through different sized holes, saving the biggest treats for last. The flexible, rubbery design is easy on dogs’ teeth and gums, too.


TIKR merges playtime and snack time in a fun dog treat toy—and we don’t know many dogs who could resist that combination.

Its internal timer is where the fun begins, and it can be set for up to 45 minutes of play. Load the flexible, food-safe, rubbery toy with your dog’s favorite kibble and treats. As the timer winds down, holes in the design reveal the snacks inside, saving the biggest ones for last.

The toy is geared towards dogs 50 pounds and under, keeping them happily engaged (and excitedly waiting) while snacking. And if your dog is a fast eater, TIKR can help encourage them to slow down, too. more Their Story

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