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Windshield Ice Scraper

Operate on ice, frost, and snow · Cone-shaped design with a comfortable grasp

$16.95 – $18.95

The Windshield Ice Scraper by Scrape-A-Round has a cone-shaped design, allowing you to double the scraping action with each pass. Simply move the scraper in small circular or linear motions to remove ice, frost, and snow from your windshield. Created with formulated plastic to hold up in winter temperatures. Made in the USA.

  • Made in Sandy, Utah
  • Instructions: Place scraper base in the center of a the window. Move the scraper in small circular motions. As you continue to see ice and frost disappear, move the scraper in wider circles. Scraper can also be used in a back and forth motion
  • Made exclusively with formulated plastic to hold up in winter temperatures
  • Ergonomic, cone-shaped design with a comfortable grasp
  • Conforms to the curvature of a window
  • The Original design features a pointed, serrated cap to easily remove hard ice. The cap can be removed to create a funnel to use with anti-freeze or windshield washing solution
  • The Round 2 is slightly smaller than the Original and features two different sized scrapers. Remove the smaller cone to reach tight corners and side mirrors
  • Please note: Keep away from flames and harmful chemicals
Made in the USA


2 Pack: One blue original, one green Round 2; 3 Pack: One blue original, one red original, one green Round 2


Original: 4.5" x 5.5" diameter; Round 2: 4.5" x 5" diameter


Original: 0.09 lb; Round 2: 0.08 lb


Formulated plastic


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Scrape-A-Round was created by Galen Merrell after a frozen winter when he found himself without the standard ice scraper. In a pinch, he reached for whatever he could find to help get the snow, frost, and ice off his windshield. He found that curved shapes conform to the windshield and their double edges did the job twice as fast as flat scrapers. He also found that moving the curved shape around was less stressful on achy hands. So he got to work to create this Made-in-the-USA scraper that also doubles as a funnel to help with more wintertime driving woes.

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