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  • Modern Granite Sponge & Brush Holder by Sea Stones - 1
  • Modern Granite Sponge & Brush Holder by Sea Stones - 2

Modern Granite Sponge & Brush Holder

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: Windham, NH
  • Keeps your brush and sponge close at hand, fits perfectly near your sink, and its all-natural materials look beautiful in your kitchen.
  • Durable, tall aluminum rod is hand formed to capture the brush and is finished with a beach stone gathered from New England beaches
  • Storing the brush upright eliminates the mess of drips from soap-dispensing wands
Granite, aluminum, stones
One Modern Granite Sponge & Brush Holder
Hand wash with mild dish soap and warm water
4" x 4" x 8"
2.2 lbs


Made in the USA
Small Business Support
Sustainable Living

Modern Granite Sponge & Brush Holder

starting at $36.00
Fits perfectly near your sink · Durable, tall aluminum rod
Made in the USA
Small Business Support
Sustainable Living

Arra David and Anne Johnson

Arra David and Anne Johnson have long revered the treasures of New England’s forests and seacoast. Mother Nature’s work ranges from the brilliance of hardwoods artfully coloring autumn’s landscapes, to the ever-changing granite cliffs shaped by crashing waves along the shorelines, to the delicate intricacies of a smooth sea stone comfortably nestled in a bed of sand. These stirring images have inspired Sea Stones since 2003. Arra’s creative spirit, mind, and hands fashion ways to transform these natural materials into well-designed, innovative works of art. Anne’s astute attention to detail, quality, and respect for the earth are felt in each piece. By cherishing a lifetime spent immersed in the unique beauty and charm of this region, they have gracefully conveyed the outdoor essence of New England indoors as decorative, inventive, and purposeful art creations. Nature’s enduring forces of sun, wind, rain, and mighty waves provide the materials. Sea Stones brings the human elements of care, compassion, and respect for the environment by creating each unique piece by hand in harmony with nature’s gifts.
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