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Bag Sealer Tape Refill - Set of 3 Bag Sealer Tape Refill - Set of 3

Bag Sealer Tape Refill - Set of 3

Small Business Support

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Plastic and adhesive
Three rolls of adhesive tape
4.5" x 4.5" x 1.5"
0.4 lb
Small Business Support


3.5 avg. (2 reviews)

Easy on the budget
05/02/2017 by Kathy
The refills last a long time and are easy to use.
A Little deceptive
03/19/2017 by Michael
This item works great for small bags. It is not very good at keep garbage bags closed. I even doubled up the tape by running the bag twice and the seal still broke. a Little disappointed. Will make a good yrad sale item.
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Bag Sealer Tape Refill - Set of 3

Refill your bag sealer with this roll of tape to get up to 500 bakery-type seals. Sealabag will lock and contain any sized bag—from little baggies to heavier duty trash bags—in a simple, single motion.


Preserve freshness and get a bakery seal finish with this bag sealer. All it takes is a single, simple swipe.

To seal newly baked goods, lunches and more, twist the end, then pass the bags through the groove to fasten tightly.

Even though it’s great at prolonging the life of foods, Maker Ray Savage originally designed Sealabag with trash bags in mind. He wanted a simple way to tidy up, stop the smell, and prevent any creatures from getting in.

His thin, compact design can be kept handy inside a drawer, mounted on a door, or on the counter. It’s a straightforward way to prolong the life of your favorite foods—and to keep things contained for any items you want to toss.

Sealabag is a practical and cost-efficient way of keeping bags sealed and their contents fresh. more Their Story

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