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Multi-Purpose Bag Sealer Multi-Purpose Bag Sealer

Multi-Purpose Bag Sealer

Independent Maker

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  • Easy to use, single-motion sealing mechanism
  • Great for trash, sandwich, freezer, bread, and diaper bags
  • Additional tape refills available (sold separately)
  • Made in China
  • Materials: Plastic and adhesive tape
  • Care: Wipe with damp cloth
  • Includes: Sealer, mounting attachment, and one 98’ tape roll (about 500 seals)
  • Dimensions: 8.25" x 6" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 1 lb
Independent Maker


3 avg. (11 reviews)

05/31/2019 by Debbie
Easy to install. Works great.
Very Disappointed
04/26/2019 by Wynne
A good idea that needs more work! My unit went to the local thrift store. The blade that should cut the tape cut properly about one out of ten times. The other nine times, I got a wad of tape clogging the system.
Too Flimsy
01/25/2019 by Anthony
I love the idea but the construction of this item is too flimsy and it does not work. Out of about 10 attempts to seal a bread bag two were somewhat successful. Most of the time, the tape did not cut. I returned the item.
Wish it worked.
01/11/2019 by Margie
I love grommet. I've gotten so many neat things here. This is not one. The decal that says "sealabag" was placed on the wrong corner so until I figured that out, I had a time of it following the directions. (I am mechanically minded so I turned it all ways to try to make it work like the picture, then finally figured out what was wrong.) Once I figured it out, I pulled out the tape to get it going and despite my best efforts, I could not get it to work right. As others have stated, I had the same problem with the tape not cutting off, (Yes, sticky side is up) jamming up, long twisted pieces of tape sticking everywhere but not neatly on the bag as demonstrated, and having to take it all apart and start over. When it does occasionally cut off and stick to the bag, the ends of the tape aren't properly lined up so I have to manually stick them together. I ordered 3, one for me and two for my daughters, and unfortunately they are all going back. Sorry Grommet this one missed the mark:(
Handy gadget
02/09/2018 by Marla
I just love this gadget! It's very handy to seal bread, crackers and a whole lot of other things. I like the style too. You don't need to put it away or hide it in a drawer.
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Multi-Purpose Bag Sealer

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Slide to seal any bag in a single, simple motion. Prop this bag sealer on a counter, leave it in a drawer, or mount it on a door. Twist the bag top and swipe to get a bakery-type seal. Sealabag will lock and contain any sized bag—from little baggies to heavier duty trash bags.


Preserve freshness and get a bakery seal finish with this bag sealer. All it takes is a single, simple swipe.

To seal newly baked goods, lunches and more, twist the end, then pass the bags through the groove to fasten tightly.

Even though it’s great at prolonging the life of foods, Maker Ray Savage originally designed Sealabag with trash bags in mind. He wanted a simple way to tidy up, stop the smell, and prevent any creatures from getting in.

His thin, compact design can be kept handy inside a drawer, mounted on a door, or on the counter. It’s a straightforward way to prolong the life of your favorite foods—and to keep things contained for any items you want to toss.

Sealabag is a practical and cost-efficient way of keeping bags sealed and their contents fresh. more Their Story

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