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Seeding Square
Planting Tool

Easily plant an organized garden while generating the highest yield possible. This system helps you plant seeds in a perfect grid, at the correct depth and with the proper amount of space to prosper. Perfect for kids, limited space, and even first-time gardeners who want guidance.

  • Seeds are properly spaced and planted in perfectly straight grid formations, which makes weeds immediately identifiable
  • Gardeners everywhere can achieve high yields with minimal garden space required
  • Allows anyone (including kids) to plant the perfect garden without any prior gardening experience because it lays out a garden in a grid formation without sticks and strings
  • Color-coded planting guide is included to help figure out how far apart to plant specific vegetables
  • Made in China
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


Seeding Square, seeding spoon, seeding wand, planting guide, and reusable storage bag. Seeds not included


12" x 1" x 12"


0.77 lb




Wipe clean with damp cloth or spray with water hose

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Seeding Square

Never planted a garden but want to eat food you grow yourself? That’s the position Seeding Square Founder Jennifer Pratt and her husband, Karl, were in. Confused over what vegetables to plant where and how much space to leave in between, Jennifer had the idea for Seeding Square. It’s a foolproof system that guides you through each gardening step—follow the color-coded template to plant a well-organized square-foot grid. Simply choose the seeds you want to grow and find their corresponding color holes, so your seeds will be perfectly spaced. A pre-marked depth wand helps you plant at precisely the right depth, too. A seeding spoon and funnel let you easily drop the seeds into the soil. Your plants will grow in a pleasing grid formation, which also makes weeds easy to spot. And because Seeding Square optimizes every inch of space, you could get double or triple the bounty. This simple system is great for urban gardeners with limited space, gardening with kids, or any first-time gardeners who need a little help.

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