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Homestar Planetarium

Full Details

  • Features 60,000 twinkling stars, an integrated shooting star function, a shut-off timer, adjustable projection angle, and focus
  • Projects the night sky throughout the year through rotating movement—two interchangeable disks contain the fixed stars in the Northern Hemisphere, with and without highlighted constellations
  • Great for projecting on ceiling, wall, or other flat surfaces
  • Includes two-year warranty
  • Recommended for ages six and up
  • Projection distance: 5' to 7.5'; Projection diameter: 8.8'
  • Made in China
Plastic, glass, electronic components, high definition planetarium with an ultra-bright 3-watt LED
One planetarium, AC adapter, two changeable projecting discs, manual and astronomical background information
7.25" x 6.25" x 6.6"
1.31 lbs

3 avg. (12 reviews)

11/02/2019 by Linda
Not good at all. Doesn’t work well and expensive!
My son loves it!
05/15/2018 by Wendy
Christmas present for my son. He loves it, uses it all the time to have a nice calm night - reminds him of being out in the woods away from city lights. All he needs now is the sound of crickets!
Birthday gift for grandson
02/27/2018 by alice
My husband and I were a little disappointed with this item. On the ceiling it looked more like paint spatter or painted dots. We liked the shooting stars. Our grandson said it was a cool gift. I think we were more disappointed than he was.
Lens Rings And Unclear Picture
12/25/2017 by Lauren
Grommet products have always been top notch, which is why I was surprised with this planetarium. Most reviews say it's incredible, but when I opened it this Christmas and set it up (as instructed and the correct distance away from the wall I wanted to project on), I was met with a very blurry picture I could not improve with the focusing feature. But what really stood out was the defined rings spread across the projection. Upon inspection, it was the lens itself with this flaw and not the discs, and there was no way to fix this error. It's very distracting and completely obliterates the stars. The rest of the product functioned well, but with the lens rings, it's unusable.
Difinitely not worth the money-returning
01/25/2017 by Charlene
Returned-tried several rooms-if there is any and I mean any kind of light coming into the room, this does not work well enough for the price. Should be sold to children for about $30.00.
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Homestar Planetarium

Project 60,000 stars onto your ceiling with this high definition planetarium. Ultra-bright LED bulbs display a brilliant night sky as the rotating projection follows the northern hemisphere throughout the year. Adjust the angle and focus to suit your surroundings, and set the timer to drift off to sleep under a peaceful, starry sky.

Ohira Takayuki

The night sky is brought into your home and projected with Homestar—a powerful home planetarium that uses the same technology as science museums. Create a gorgeous display of 60,000 stars, just for you.

Homestar is incredibly realistic because it uses the most advanced lenses. It comes from the brilliant mind of inventor Takayuki Ohira, who holds the world record for creating technology to show the most stars—over 20 million—with the Megastar Planetarium. Ohira wanted to bring that same universe into peoples’ homes, letting them finally see the countless stars that are masked by light pollution or that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

The star-filled sky rotates in the same direction as the Earth, letting you study the Northern Hemisphere—you might even catch a shooting star, too. An integrated timer lets you drift off to sleep under the glowing landscape.

Whether you use it as a soothing nightlight for the kids, or to create a calming ambiance for yourself, now the stars are always visible—no matter where you live.