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Wearable Sleeping Bag Suit Wearable Sleeping Bag Suit

Wearable Sleeping Bag Suit

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  • Refer to the sizing guide and care instructions for more information
  • Hand openings allow you to bring your hands in and out of the bag quickly and effortlessly
  • Kangaroo-style pockets for stashing anything you need
  • Zip-off booties reinforced with durable nylon
  • Ultra-warm synthetic filling insulation, waterproof DWR shield coating, and insulated hood for added warmth
  • Original features cargo side pocket, zip-open side entry, and leg vents for temperature regulation
  • Made in China
Filling: Synthetic fiber; Original exterior lining: 100% nylon; Lite exterior lining: 100% polyester
One stuff sack bag
Spot clean. Never dry clean
Dimensions (varies)
See size guide for more information
Weight (varies)
1.9-4.8 lbs
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


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Wearable Sleeping Bag Suit

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Selk’bag has been designed to give maximum comfort and warmth while providing the greatest freedom of movement. The Original and the Lite offer different levels of warmth depending on your lifestyle. This sleeping bag suit functions with ease to stay warm from hanging out on the couch to spending time outside on a chilly night. The Lite is perfect for outdoor activities in warmer seasons and any indoor activity, from playing to sleeping. The Original offers increased features for family campers and outdoor enthusiast for year-round use.


Inspired by the lost Selk'nam natives of Tierra del Fuego, Chile, nomadic people who dressed sparingly despite the cold climate of Patagonia. The Selk'bag was created to keep its wearers warm, whether on the go or at rest. Sleeping bags are designed to keep all your parts together to conserve heat. The trouble with this is that you can't be mobile once you're in your sleeping bag.

The wearable sleeping bag suit allows you to bring your hands in and out of the bag effortlessly. There's also a convenient kangaroo style pocket to keep your hands warm or stash anything you need. Zip-off booties allow you to wear your own shoes when active and then zip the booties on to keep your feet warm. Selk'bag it's a great option for camping, sleepovers, or lounging around the house. more Their Story