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  • Bluetooth Drum Kit by Senstroke - 1
  • Bluetooth Drum Kit by Senstroke - 2
  • Bluetooth Drum Kit by Senstroke - 3

Bluetooth Drum Kit

Full Details

  • Simply attach the sensors to your drumsticks and connect them to your smartphone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth and play drums anywhere in less than 30 seconds
  • Customize the Senstroke application to your personal style and create your own drum kits
  • Record yourself, listen back, and share your sessions with the world directly from the app
  • Compatible with all music software including Ableton, Reaper, Logic Pro, GarageBand and more
  • USB rechargeable
  • Made in France
Plastic, rubber, hickory drumsticks, lithium batteries
Four sensors, one practice pad, two 7A hickory drumsticks, two foot straps, dual charging cable
App Compatibility
iOS 10.0 or later, Android 6.0 and up
Dimensions (full kit)
16.3" x 4.1" x 2.9"
2 lbs


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Bluetooth Drum Kit

starting at $279.99
Play the drums on any surface · Record, listen & share · Free companion app
Created by drummers, the Bluetooth Drum Kit allows you to play and learn the drums anytime, anywhere. Simply attach the sensors to your drumsticks and start playing on any surface to hear the sounds of a real drumset. Use the free companion app and play on your legs, cushions, table, books and more to emulate the sounds of a real drumset.
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Making musical expression more accessible has always been Senstroke’s inspiration. French drummers designed the product and successfully launched it on a crowdsourcing site to make percussion possible without expensive equipment, extra space, and noisy results. This portable drum set simulator requires no gear or rehearsal space, allowing beginners—from children to adults—to learn fundamentals and even record real tracks anywhere, and with minimal disruption.
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