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Shark Proof
Wipe-On Screen Protector

This liquid screen protector will guard your phone, tablet, or laptop screen from scratches with a few swipes. It’s a molecularly created “liquid glass” that creates tons of tiny bonds with the glass. Be sure to choose the right formula for the glass you’re protecting.

  • Instructions: Clean your device with the microfiber cloth. Wipe device with the cleaner wipe thoroughly until the cloth is dry and let set for 2 minutes. Clean device thoroughly again with the microfiber cloth. Apply liquid glass nano wipe thoroughly in horizontal and vertical strokes across the device in all areas. Allow to dry untouched for at least 15 minutes. Buff device with the microfiber cloth in a circular motion. Device can then be used. Glass bonds are fully formed after 24 hours. For best results apply when least likely to use device i.e. before sleep to give maximum amount of drying time before buffing
  • Universal screen protector, compatible with all devices regardless of brand
  • Extra tough coating is scratch resistant, water resistant, and antibacterial
  • 100% bubble free and invisible
  • Does not affect bio-sensing features or microphone
  • Applies to flat or curved screens
  • Warning: Use only as instructed, do not apply to a cracked screen, not intended for high impact protection
  • ISO9001 certified


Screen protection for one device, one microfiber cloth, one device cleaner wipe, one liquid glass application wipe. Mobile phone or tablet size for displays up to 14"; laptop size for displays up to 24"


6.69" x 3.74" x 0.6"


0.11 lb


Liquid glass nano wipe, microfiber cloth, cleaning wipe


Reapply every 12-14 months if desired for maximum scratch protection


Shark Proof

Use this liquid screen protector to guard your phone, tablet, or smart watch from scratches and dings with a few swipes. Shark Proof is a nano “liquid glass” wipe that you apply to glass (it even works on eyeglasses). The formula is engineered on a molecular level, which means tons of micro particles dry clear and create a tight bond with the screen’s glass. Those little “bodyguards” ward off scratches from things like keys, pens, and clothing. Shark Proof is non-toxic, transparent, and also protects against dirt, oil, and bacteria. Though the coating won’t make your phone waterproof, it will repel droplets and smaller splashes, too. Everything else on your phone will work as intended—touch features, like the thumbprint sensor or home button, and the microphone. The wipes work on flat and curved glass, but be sure to select the right formula for the glass you’re protecting. There are specific formulations for a smart watch (which needs a denser coating), eyeglasses, and any make or model of phones, laptops, and tablets. It’s important to note that the coating won’t protect against high impacts. So, if you’re prone to dropping your phone or tablet, you’ll still want an impact-resistant case.