Stainless Steel Travel Fork

By Silvr


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The travel fork you’ll want to take every-ware. Made with sturdy, anti-microbial stainless steel tines, it's dishwasher safe and TSA-approved. Best of all, the tined end stores in the aluminum handle between meals. With an array of modern prints to pick from, this fork makes the perfect dining companion—at the office, across town, or across the globe.

  • Compact design for portability
  • Instructions: Pull the metal top out of the handle. To close it, make sure the fork is clear of food and put it back inside the handle, tines first. Press in firmly
  • Please note: Handle gets hot when washing in hot water
  • Made in China
Additional Information
  • Materials: Fork top: 304 stainless steel; Handle: 5054 aluminum. Product and packaging are plastic-free
  • Care: Fork top: Dishwasher safe; Handle: Rinse with soap and warm water and let air dry. Holes in handle bottom allow for air drying on-the-go
  • Includes: One fork top and one handle
  • Ages: 5+
  • Dimensions: Open: 6.25'' x 1" diameter; Closed: 3.25'' x 1'' diameter
  • Weight: 0.15 lb

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Really Portable Utensil

8/17/2019 by Margherita

Good quality and good weight. Goes anywhere and easy to carry.


Loose fit

8/17/2019 by Ouida

Great idea, especially for one who hates plastic flatware. Nice snug fit when using the utensil but the fit for storage is a bit loose so slips out when carrying in a purse. Attractive design.More > < Less


Great travel fork, however the fit could be improved

8/12/2019 by Elizabeth

It’s very sturdy, pretty and convenient. When the ends fit together to create the complete fork the fit of the two ends is quite secure. However, when placing the tines into the handle the connection is very loose and not secure.More > < Less


A bit disappointed

8/5/2019 by Lois

Although my set fits together well. I am disappointed that the body is too thick close to the tines that it is not a comfortable fork to use. I keep mine at work for salads, microwave meals, many different foods and because the body is so thick it does not lend itself to easy use with small pieces I try to load on the fork (rice/small grains or the last few bites of salad). Also the tines are rather thick and smash more than stab some larger things I try to eat.
Great concept but it needs a slight re-design in my opinion. Will continue to use for now...saves on single use forks. But I could wash them just as easily. And maybe eat a little bit easier.
More > < Less


Good idea but not a finished product

8/11/2019 by Richard

The fork itself is sturdy and I suspect would last a long time. When the end is inserted so you can use the fork, it stays in the holder and works well. However, when finished and you wish to put the fork back in the holder it will not stay put. It will fall out. I've tried 2 and they both do the same thing. I wanted this for a forthcoming trip but doubt I'll take it as the tines always fall out of the holder. Can't recommend.More > < Less

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About Silvr

Cleaner Eating

Travel silverware has long been on Olivia Gossett Cooper’s dream menu. She first developed Silvr while pursuing an MBA in environmental sustainability. When the assignment was done, Olivia couldn’t shake her idea for a stylish, sustainable travel fork—one that would take the cake over flimsy and disposable plastic alternatives.

After a year designing and testing, Silvr was ready for a seat at the table—any table. With a printed handle that doubles as a storage case, and sturdy, stainless steel tines, Silvr can be tossed into a purse, left at a desk, or taken on a trip around the world. Anti-microbial and TSA-approved, it’s a satisfying way to reduce plastic waste and feast on the fly. Olivia’s motto is, “Make the sustainable lifestyle a beautiful one.” Now, let’s eat.