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Barefoot Sock Shoes

Barefoot Sock Shoes

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  • Combination of natural and artificial fibers is durable and moisture-wicking
  • Light compression ensures the perfect fit
  • Can last up to hundreds of miles depending on degree of impact
  • Great for running, walking, fitness, water sports, camping, and traveling
  • Compact design is the perfect solution when traveling light
  • 2017 Red Dot Design Award Winner
  • Please note: Initial crumbling of the bottom layer is normal and is caused by surplus material. It will stop after several uses
  • Made in the Czech Republic
45% polypropylene siltex (Ag+), 22% cotton, 11% lycra
Machine wash on cold and air dry
One pair of Skinners, one carrying bag
XS fits women's size 5.5-7 or men's size 4.5-6
Small fits women's size 7-8.5 or men's size 6-7.5
Medium fits women's size 8.5-10.5 or men's size 7.5-9.5
Large fits women's size 11-12.5 or men's size 10-11.5
XL fits women's size 12.5-14 or men's size 11.5-13
10" x 4" x 0.7"
0.4 lb
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4 avg. (18 reviews)

Great gift!
01/15/2020 by Corie
I bought these as a Christmas gift for my sister, who runs barefoot but wanted something to provide a bit of protection. She loves these and uses them every day.
Very comfortable!
12/31/2019 by Bridget
Love wearing these total comfort!!!
Just what I needed
12/28/2019 by Cheri
The Barefoot Sock Shoes from Skinners are kind of strange, but then, that's just what I was needing. I have rheumatoid arthritis that sometimes flares up in my feet, making it too painful for me to wear shoes or most kinds of slippers. But my feet are almost always cold, so I needed something warmer than socks alone. I can wear these "sock shoes" with a pair of socks, and my feet remain toasty without experiencing the pressure that shoes or slippers place on my toes and the tops of my feet (where the bones are). There are a couple of drawbacks: (1) the fit is extremely snug--I wear a size 7 shoe, but the small size, for sizes 7-8.5, is almost too small. It fits me like a pair of compression socks or support hose rather than regular socks or shoes. They're hard to get on and off, especially with arthritic fingers, though worth the effort. (2) the sole is made of a material that visually reminds me of asphalt; physically, it's kind of grippy, and it takes some getting used to walking on it. Lint, fuzz, and especially cat hair clings to it--in fact, when I walk across our living room rug, the soles act like the brush I use to remove excess hair from our cat! Not sure if that's a plus or a minus...but I have to remove the globs of fur and fuzz from the soles after every wearing. Also, as when wearing only socks, you can feel whatever you're walking on. If you step on a rock or a Lego piece, I guarantee you're going to feel it much more than if you were wearing regular shoes or slippers, or Vibram 5-fingers. (3) You do need to be very careful when removing the sock shoes, or you could inadvertently tear off chunks of the sole. I wear these nearly every day around the house now, and I'm concerned they won't last very long due to the stress placed on the soles when I take them off. The manufacturer does provide clear and adequate instructions on how to use these and take good care of them, which it's important to read. I'll probably buy more of these so I don't wear out my first pair too quickly--they're not perfect, but they're the best thing I've found for my particular needs.
I love them
11/25/2019 by Cynthia
These shoe socks are amazing and very comfortable.
11/02/2019 by Laura
They were much thinner than I expected. Not anything I would attempt to wear outdoors. I found them a little too tight feeling so I couldn't keep them on too long in the house. Adding some padding or thickness to the soles would be awesome.
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Barefoot Sock Shoes

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Heading out? Pull on barefoot sock shoes to give feet some freedom while still staying protected. The lightweight, stretchy knit upper is made with moisture-wicking, silver-infused yarn that keeps odors at bay (and feet feeling good). Swedish polymers give the sole flexible structure and grip when you're camping, traveling, or working out. Roll them up in their carrying bag for easy on-the-go use. Handmade in the Czech Republic.


Skinners founder Peter Prochazka was inspired to create a hybrid sock-shoe when helping a friend recover from a foot injury. The friend couldn't wear traditional shoes and Peter wanted to give him a way to move around more comfortably without sacrificing protection.

The solution? A lightweight, pull-on design that combines the flexibility of socks with a grippy, structured, shoe-like sole. Peter packed many other feet-pleasing features into his washable barefoot sock shoes. The stretchy knit upper is made with moisture-wicking, silver-infused, antibacterial yarn. This keeps odors at bay and feet feeling comfortable. At the bottom, a structured sole made with Swedish polymers offers grip and stability, whether you're at the gym, on a hike, or traveling. Skinners are washable and portable, so a pair can go pretty much wherever you want to—just roll them up and head out. more Their Story