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Peppermint Oil Pulling Kit

Full Details

  • Materials: Oil Pulling: 100% raw coconut oil, organic peppermint essential oil, and proprietary blend of essential oils; Lip Balm: 100% raw coconut oil, bee’s wax, vitamin E, and peppermint
  • Box contains: Peppermint lip balm tub, oil pulling coconut oil, and a natural bamboo spoon
  • Pre-toothbrushing routine that will lead to fresher breath and healthier gums
  • Swish around 1 spoonful of oil pulling in your mouth for 5-20 minutes. Spit oil into a trashcan, then brush your teeth as normal
  • Naturally whitens teeth, lessens bad breath, protects tooth enamel, and removes plaque and natural toxins
  • Note: Do not swallow or gargle the oil. Do not spit oil into a sink
  • Made in the USA from coconuts sourced from Vietnam
  • Fluid Content: Oil Pulling: 8.5 fl oz; Lip Balm: 0.5 oz
  • Dimensions: 9" x 5" x 3.75"
  • Weight: 2 lbs

4.5 avg. (4 reviews)

Great product
10/03/2018 by Nicole
Very satisfied. Great product
Worth the initial "gross"
05/16/2017 by Cathleen
Let me start by saying that this is an amazing product and I will use it for the rest of my life God willing! I saw this product on GMA or The View... Initially this product was hard to like. Yes, there's a gross factor at first... It looks like a white, waxy sludge and feels the same in your mouth, but minty. But by the 3rd use, I figured out what worked for me: tuck it in my cheek until totally melted and then swish away! I'm still working up to 20 minutes of swishing, but you will get some results in 5 minutes or so. Freshest breath ever! Healthier gums! And teeth whitening!
Excitedly waiting
11/02/2016 by Joyce
So far, I am liking it. It's a little different getting use to the hardening and feel like crisco oil in your mouth but once it melts you can taste the peppermint. Looking forward to weeping the benefits.
pulling oil
09/27/2016 by Melanie
i tried ... i loved the peppermint after effect (no oily after effect at all, just clean) and it truly did clear out my sinuses ... it felt good after the fact. when it arrived is was not in solid form, warm from shipping I suppose, but once it solidified i could not do it. i could not keep from gagging. any suggestions?
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Sustainable Living

Peppermint Oil Pulling Kit

The benefits of “oil pulling” with raw coconut oil have been touted for centuries. Swish this pure coconut oil around like you would with mouthwash to help whiten teeth while removing plaque and toxins from your gums. Spit it into the trash—not the sink—when you’re done, and finish off with moisturizing lip balm to treat your mouth to even more all-natural goodness.
Sustainable Living

Kaylyn Easton

Not all coconut oil is created equal. That is why Skinny & Co.’s coconut oil body care is so special—they make theirs the slower, more labor-intensive way, to ensure none of its natural goodness gets left out.

It’s Made in the USA from coconuts harvested by hand in Vietnam. They cold press the oil to keep it raw, because heat can destroy its natural benefits. This method takes more time and uses more coconuts, too. The result is worth it, though—completely pure, nutrient-rich coconut oil.

After all of that hard work, Founder Luke Geddie isn't about to mess the raw oil up. So he avoids adding chemicals, fillers, and preservatives. In fact, everything Skinny & Co. makes has five all-natural ingredients or fewer, like shea butter and vitamin E, to compliment the coconut oil.

Use it to boost moisture in skin and hair, as cooking oil, or in oil pulling to help whiten your teeth and cleanse your mouth. Whichever way you use this amazing multi-tasker, raw is definitely the way to go.