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Smart Sprinkler Controller

Smart Sprinkler Controller

Made in the USA

Full Details

  • Includes: Controller, wall plate, installation guide, 24VAC power supply, mounting screws
  • WiFi-enabled sprinkler controller that allows you to remotely manage your sprinkler system from anywhere
  • Automatically sets optimal watering levels based on hyper-local weather data and calculated water loss in your soil
  • 8 fully independent zones with detailed settings for sprinkler type, slope type, soil type, and level of sunlight
  • Easy-to-use interface, controllable from your computer, phone, or Skydrop unit
  • Easy to install and easy to conserve water. Watering schedules are created and managed for you
  • Requires a strong wifi connection. If you experience difficulty with your connection, it's recommended that a wifi extension adapter is purchased and added to your network and placed near Skydrop
  • Made in Salt Lake City, UT, with foreign components
  • Dimensions: 10" x 3.25" x 2"
  • Weight: 0.91 lb.
  • See Set-up Guide here 5 Steps for Installation:
  • Remove existing sprinkler controller
  • Mount wall plate (installation location should be near a 120V outlet, with strong WiFi signal)
  • Install wiring and power
  • Snap controller onto wall plate
  • Guided initial setup. Create your account
Made in the USA


5 avg. (2 reviews)

Really innovative and great product!
06/25/2015 by Sheila and Walter
I love it! It was very easy to install, and when I did have a questions, customer service immediately and clearly explained how I needed to do what I was trying to do. I have set up my lawn so that it is watering correct amounts for each of the different zones, and I can monitor that wherever I am. I love to see its projections for what it will do the next week, dependent on our weather--heat, sunshine and precipitation. It's a great product. I highly recommend it.
I love this!!
05/11/2015 by Neva
It was easy to install and is wonderful to use. When I need to test a zone, I can stand right there at the zone and turn the system on and off, as needed, to make adjustments. I am recommending to everyone I know!
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Smart Sprinkler Controller

Skydrop is like having someone optimizing your lawn watering, 24/7. It connects to your wifi network (you’ll need a strong signal) and replaces your existing sprinkler box. Skydrop can consider things like sprinkler type, sun exposure, soil type, and ground slope to water efficiently and minimize wasted water.


Skydrop is the brain your automatic sprinkler system has always needed. Replace your existing sprinkler box with Skydrop, and connect to your wifi network (you’ll need a strong signal), and it gathers weather data to optimize watering. Never again will your sprinklers waste water on a rainy day.

Clark Endrizzi, one of Skydrop’s founders, is a programmer as well as an avid gardener. He put those skills to work to find a more efficient way to water his lawn. Experts advise watering lawns in less frequent but longer sessions, so Skydrop is programmed to do so, with healthier grass the happy result.

Control Skydrop with its intuitive jog dial or by downloading the Skydrop app to manage multiple zones in your yard. With customizable settings for sprinkler type and factors like sun exposure, soil type, and ground slope, Skydrop maximizes green while minimizing water use and expense. A beautiful lawn has never been so smart and easy. more Their Story