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The ONO Roller™

Full Details

  • An innovative sensory and fidget tool for adults
  • Small, compact design crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum rotates effortlessly in your hand
  • Ideal for your home office or work desk to help relieve stress and tension while improving dexterity
  • Assists in relieving stress by keeping your hands busy and putting your mind at ease
  • Rolling the tool in your hand can help minimize habits such as nail biting, restless leg, or checking your phone
  • Please note: Not for children under 5 years of age
  • Made in China
Anodized aircraft grade aluminum with a smooth, bead blasted finish
The ONO Roller™ with microfiber pouch
Clean by applying isopropyl alcohol to a cloth and wiping the surface
1.75" x 0.85" x 3.3"
0.375 lb

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The ONO Roller™

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The ONO Roller™ is a sleek fidget tool that looks as good as it feels. Small and subtle, it blends into professional settings with its frictionless, noiseless rolling, thanks to aircraft-grade aluminum—while it keeps your hands busy and your mind at ease.
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Sleek Life Design

Ari Horowitz, inventor of The ONO Roller™, was on a mission. He knew that fidgeters like himself benefited from sensory stimulation, but he wasn’t satisfied with the clunky, unprofessional options that caused disruptions in offices and classrooms. He sought to create a model that was silent and sleek enough for any environment, yet just as calming and engaging.

His solution is a compact calming device that blends into any setting. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, The ONO Roller™ is noiseless and frictionless to make for a relaxing experience that busies your hands while easing your mind. Its smooth movement won’t cause disruptions to those around you, so you can stay balanced and focused in any setting.