Over-The-Head Relaxation Pillow

By Sleep Crown

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This hypoallergenic over-the-head pillow was designed to provide gentle pressure that can stimulate deeper relaxation—and lead to better sleep. It is seriously soft and hand-stuffed in Texas with plush faux down filling that is then wrapped in three layers of bamboo fabric. Tuck the curved design over your eyes and ears to help block out light and muffle sounds.

  • Made in the USA: Austin, TX
  • Materials: Pillow: Hypoallergenic faux down fill; Pillow case: 95% bamboo jersey, 5% spandex fabric
  • Includes: Over-the-head pillow, one pillowcase, and one 1 oz bottle of pillow mist
  • Care: Machine wash the two outer pillowcases and dry on delicate cycle, it is not recommended to wash the fill as it may degrade
  • Instructions: Place the pillow over the top portion of your head, curved-side down. Secure and tuck the pillow over your eyes and ears and align the curve around your nose and mouth to ensure plenty of space to breathe. If you are an active sleeper, your pillow may shift in the night
  • Faux down fill has an ultra-soft silky feel that maintains shape after use
  • Fill can be removed to customize pillow feel
  • Features three layers of bamboo jersey fabric ensuring ultimate comfort
  • Pillow mist made of a light blend of lavender, sandalwood, and citrus aromatherapy for relaxation
  • Please note: Ensure that user's breathing passages are unobstructed. Product may not be placed over breathing passages. Sleep Crown should not be used in combination with alcohol, prescription, or recreational drugs. Never put this product over a baby, child, or pet
  • Recommended for ages 12+
  • Dimensions: 23” x 17” x 3”
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs

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Love this!

7/18/2019 by Ann

I bought this pillow to help me with occasional headaches that I get at night where I just need some pressure over my forehead. What I got was the best investment in a good night sleep ever. I could never find exactly the right pillow for my head and neck, either too flat, too fat, too hard , too high... anyway, what this pillow has done is allow me to mold this pillow under my face and under my neck to give me the perfect amount of support so that my regular pillow now fits me just right!! And somehow I have not had any more headaches since buying this pillow. It has been a dream come true. It's really soft and I can easily get it to conform to my exact profile. I love this pillow.More > < Less


What a help!

7/5/2019 by Gretchen

I have been using this pillow for about a month and now I do not want to sleep without it. It is lightweight enough so that when I just want a light block, it doesn’t feel like I’m being crushed. When I have a headache, the pillow can be stretched around my head. It gives a sense of comfort and peace. I thought it was a little pricey, but now I know it’s worth every penny.More > < Less


Best Pillow Ever

6/25/2019 by Rhem

I am a terrible sleeper and have back issues. This pillow is like magic. I actually don't drape it over my head. I put my head on it then pull the "handles" around my neck to fill in all the gaps to provide extra support. Works great on both your back and side. It muffles sound and blocks light for this light sleeper. I bought my mom one for Christmas and she is obsessed with it too. It is worth every penny. In fact, I need to buy a back-up just in case something happens to mine!!More > < Less


works as described

5/15/2019 by Lyn

I purchased this for my husband as a birthday gift. I read many reviews about how much people loved this pillow. My husband has always put a "regular" pillow over his head to help sleep. He LOVES this pillow. He said it has just enough weight and blocks out sound. He has told me several times since I gave it to him how much he likes it. I'm very glad since I do think it's quite expensive and possibly a bit over-priced. Since it helps my husband sleep I don't mind spending extra on him.More > < Less


Wonderful Pillow!

3/29/2019 by Shannon

I love this pillow SO much! Even though I paid more than the current price, I ordered a second one after I started using the first. Years ago/> Years ago I used a second pillow to cover my head, but stopped because it was too much of a hassle wrestling with two pillows at night.

I have health issues that make sleep difficult, and our room has electronic devices that have little lights on them that bother me a lot. I know those lights are bad for healthy sleep. I also frequently need to sleep during the day, and this pillow is wonderful for helping me to get to sleep, and stay asleep comfortably.

The pillow can be hot on my head, but I still like keeping it near to help keep my head in a comfortable position.

I’ve never felt anything softer than this pillow, it’s so comfortable and light, but does a wonderful job of keeping out light.
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About Sleep Crown

Sleep Tight

Sleep Crown Founder and yoga teacher Julie Westervelt created an over-the-head pillow after noticing her students were more relaxed with the gentle pressure of a blanket on them—relaxed enough to nod off at the end of class.

While studying relaxation techniques Julie learned that gentle weight can calm the mind and give the body the cue to rest. So she created a pillow that provides that same comfort, tailored for the over-the-head job. Her Sleep Crown pillows are all stuffed by hand in Austin, Texas. The pillow has a just-right weight that comes from faux down filling that’s wrapped in three layers of bamboo fabric. Its curved shape lets you tuck the pillow around your eyes and ears to better block out light and muffle sounds.

We couldn’t keep our hands off this silky-soft pillow, and think over-the-head sleepers will appreciate the deeply relaxing sensation it provides.