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Wedge Hipster Handboard Wedge Hipster Handboard

Wedge Hipster Handboard

by Slyde

Independent Maker

Full Details

  • Material: Epoxy, urethane, fiberglass, and 2 mm PXT Flak Jacket high tensile laminate
  • Built on the patented Slyde Wedge Shape—2 years of development for the perfect all-wave handboard with no splash back
  • PPX flak jacket high pressure laminate outer layer technology for added strength
  • High-density Urethane Foam core for perfect match of lightness and strength
  • Reinforced, resin-hardened rails reduce rail damage
  • Slyde patent pending embedded "never come out" screw strap inserts
  • Extra safe GoPro mount insert comes standard, for endless selfies
  • Lightweight and incredible buoyancy will get you far higher out in the water
  • Reduces drag, allowing for more control, speed, and way longer rides than any other handboard on the market
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 19.8" x 10.1"
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs.
Independent Maker


No one has reviewed this product yet! No one has reviewed this product yet!

Wedge Hipster Handboard

Wedge handboard is designed for novice to intermediate users, though experts will enjoy its impressive lift. It works best in 1-7 foot swells and includes a GoPro mounting point.


Bodysurfers understand the thrill of riding a wave with nothing between your body and the sea. Slyde handboards heighten the excitement with more lift, faster rides, and greater control. These boards make for great rides on good waves, and good rides even on tamer surf.

The idea for Slyde handboards began when a 14-year-old Steve Watts was experimenting with improvised wave riding devices. Turns out a fast food tray from McDonald's was surprisingly effective. He’s worked ever since to refine the idea.

Streamlined and glossy, Slyde handboards are built to the same exacting standards and with similar materials as a quality surfboard. Made of urethane foam for buoyancy and a strong triaxial fiberglass skin, these boards will last year after year. A velcro strap keeps you connected at all times. And you won’t have to tie your handboard to the roof either. It’s small enough for a suitcase or the trunk.

Slyde offers the Wedge handboard for newbies or intermediate riders. It works best in 1-7 foot swells and the included GoPro mounting point even lets you to capture your ride.

A Slyde handboard will amplify the rush of catching that wave. It’s sure to be an epic time at the beach. more Their Story