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Portable Bluetooth White Noise Machine


Full Details

  • Instructions: Change the tone by twisting the outer shell. Adjust the volume with the up/down buttons on the touchpad. Place close to a wall, window, or other hard surface so it can fill the room with sound. See full manual for more information
  • Peaceful, non-looping white noise from a real fan without the cold air
  • Free optional companion app includes remote control, programmable automatic on/off scheduling timer, night light, and unique nursery calibration to protect baby's ears
  • Travel-friendly, portable design
  • Fully adjustable tone and volume with ten settings
  • Please note: For indoor use, only as directed
  • Made in China
Plastic housing and touchpad: ABS plastic; Foot pad: Rubber; Wrap: Polyester; Elastic: High-stretch nylon
6 watt external AC power adapter (100-240V, UL Certified)
App Compatibility
iOS 9.3 or later, Android 5.0 and up
Wall Plug
Type A (U.S.)
Cord Length
6 ft
3.15" x 5.65" diameter
1 lb

5 avg. (7 reviews)

We are sold!
01/26/2020 by [email protected]
We are sold on this compact, stylish, white noise machine. It's better than a fan; no air rushing over you when it's a little chilly. We have found the sound soothing and very helpful to us getting a good night's sleep. We have found a sound machine we agree on.
For a good night's sleep
01/26/2020 by Brad
We have been using "white noise" machines for years and really like this one. Easily adjustable and the perfect pitch.
Good white noise device
01/25/2020 by Paul
This works as advertised. I was keeping a fan running at night, even in the winter, to block the traffic noise near my house. But that uses a lot of electricity and I didn’t like the breeze, so this accomplishes the same thing and uses less electricity. It doesn’t sound exactly like the fan, but it works well and does the job. I am happy with this purchase.
Love it
01/20/2020 by Kay
I actually like this better than the ones with 100 different sounds . This sound is just fine, being able to change the "pitch" of it helps too. very satisfied with it. If I could change anything it would be the size. I would prefer it smaller, I would even take it with us when we travel, but it's a little large I think for that, lbut that's certainly not a deal breaker.
Great machine!
12/20/2019 by Kirk
Small and compact. Make it as quiet or loud as you like. So much nicer than the old, large air purifier I was using just as a noise machine.
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Portable Bluetooth White Noise Machine


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SNOOZ is a portable white noise machine that turns your bedroom into a haven for sleep. Inside SNOOZ's acoustic enclosure a mechanical fan spins to generate peaceful white noise to help you fall asleep. Unlike a normal fan, it doesn't blow unwanted cold air in the winter and it uses a fraction of the energy.
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Eli Lazar and Matt Snyder were at a small-town wedding in Illinois when they realized their families shared a strategy for helping their children sleep. They would position a fan to point towards a wall, and the ambient sound would mask sudden noises that may have woken their children otherwise. Eli, an engineer, couldn’t get over the product-use mismatch, especially during cold Chicago winters. Disappointed with electronic noise machines available on the market, Matt and Eli set out to build something better.

After years of tinkering, using Eli's background in fluid dynamics to run computer simulations, Matt and Eli developed their solution: a proprietary fan impeller and acoustic chamber that combine to create SNOOZ’s signature fan sound. When their family and friends refused to return their test units, they knew they were onto something.