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Artisan Brew Bread Mixes - Choose 3

Create delicious loaves imbued with your favorite beer · Each bag makes one loaf of bread · Takes less than one hour

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Artisan bread mixes make it easy to create delicious loaves imbued with the unique flavors of your favorite beer. Prepare in five minutes, bake for less than an hour, and enjoy.

  • A comfort bread with a moist, dense texture and a buttery crust
  • Easy to make: Just add 12 oz of beer (or other carbonated liquid)—any variety you desire—mix with the SoberDough ingredients, and bake
  • Whole process takes less than one hour
  • Each bag makes one loaf of bread
  • Contains no soy, dairy, oils, or nuts in the mix
  • Please note: Contains wheat. Green Chile Cheddar is vegan and dairy free if you do not add the cheese. Honey Wheat is not vegan. Not for use with a bread machine
Made in the USA
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Three bags of Artisan Brew Bread Mix


(each bag) 6" x 10" x 1"


(each bag) 1 lb


Enriched unbleached flour, malted barley, flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, sodium bicarbonate


Mixes do not spoil. Bake within 3 years of purchase for best results


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