Sock Laundry Organizer - Set of 2

By SockDock


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This sock organizing system keeps dirty socks clipped together until they’re ready for the wash. When it’s full, toss the organizer and socks into the washer and dryer. Hang your perfectly paired and clean socks, and you’re ready to start the cycle all over.

  • Materials: Paracord, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic hanger, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic buckles, copper coated springs, polypropylene end clips
  • Includes: Two sock laundry organizers
  • Instructions: Hang empty SockDock and place each pair of dirty socks between every pair of buckles. Press button on the buckle above the pair of socks and slide it down to secure socks in place. When SockDock is full, remove hanger and toss it into the washer and dryer with other laundry. Once clean, remove and hang in closet
  • Keeps socks in pairs
  • Eliminates need to sort, match, or search for socks after wash
  • Sold in pairs, one for clean socks and one for dirty socks
  • Spring loaded buckles adjust to hold any size sock
  • Holds 9 pairs of socks
  • Hangs on doorknobs and closet rods
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 29.5" x 2.67" x 0.6"
  • Weight: 0.26 lb

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Great idea

3/2/2019 by Kim

I used it a few times. I love it. However, the last time I washed them with towels, about 5 pairs came out of the sock doc. I will make them tighter next time. I am very happy with this great idea. I will share with my friends.
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Great product

2/24/2019 by Beverly

This works perfectly. I just can't believe someone didn't think of it sooner. I have recommended it to everyone.


Very useful

2/14/2019 by Cassandra

I like very much my sock laundry organizer, no more lost socks.


Absolutely fabulous

2/13/2019 by jchick

These work great! We use these every week. They help keep our laundry sorted and our aging front loader isn't eating socks anymore. Highly recommend!



2/13/2019 by Anita

Perfect for little socks!!!

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Keep socks with their significant other.

About SockDock

Sock Solution

SockDock keeps socks together through the washer and the dryer, so they come out clean, dry . . . and still paired up. Instead of tossing your socks in the laundry basket, clip them to the dock.

Nine pairs later, you’ll have a full dock. Throw the whole thing in the washer and dryer—then hang it right back up once it’s clean. To keep up with your laundry cycles, this organizer comes in a pair (one for the dirty socks going into the wash and one for the clean socks coming out of the dryer).

Because they are always kept in pairs, socks won’t get mixed up or go missing. The SockDock is a surefire way to make sure no sock is ever left behind.