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Horizons Soft Coolers
Durable Drink Cooler Bag

Made in the USA · 18.5 oz tarpaulin exterior · Anti-mildew and UV treated · Heavy-duty zipper

$119.95 – $180.00
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Made in the USA, this soft cooler bag uses five layers of innovative, high-quality materials that keep ice and its content colder, longer. With a fusion-welded liner, this cooler bag will withstand cracks down to -10 degrees below zero. In addition, interior sweat liners and a rugged vinyl exterior ensure this bag keeps the outside dry on every adventure.

  • Made in Dallas, Texas
  • Crafted with a heavy-duty 18.5 oz tarpaulin exterior
  • In addition to the 1" high-density open cell foam, a layer of closed cell foam has been added to the base. This allows the cooler to maintain its flexibility, while nearly doubling the insulation factor of traditional coolers
  • Anti-mildew and UV treated to withstand the most extreme weather conditions
  • Rugged and non-slip design to last in wet, dry, hot, and cold conditions
  • Durable Toughtek¬Æ base
  • Heavy-duty zipper goes along the length of the cooler for convenient loading and unloading
  • Features a large pocket with a zipper pull
  • Fill with one to two bags of ice, ice packs, or frozen water bottles
Made in the USA


One 18 Pack, 24 Pack, or 40 Pack Durable Drink Cooler Bag with shoulder strap


18 Pack: 16" x 10" x 15"; 24 Pack: 22" x 14" x 9"; 40 Pack: 31" x 13" x 17"


8 Pack: 4 lbs; 24 Pack: 5 lbs; 40 Pack: 6 lbs


18.5 oz tarpaulin exterior, nylon webbing on shoulder straps and load straps, heavily rubberized fusion-welded liner


Hand wash only with mild dish soap in cool water. Pull liner upward and out to clean. Wax zipper periodically for longer life in saltwater areas


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Horizons Soft Coolers

Completely Made in the USA for over 30 years, this is the original soft cooler. As the #1 cooler bag in the boating and aviation industry, this cooler bag uses five layers of innovative, high-quality materials that keep ice and its content colder, longer. So on your next expedition, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is if you packed enough. This durable drink cooler bag uses multiple sweat liners that surround layers of insulation to ensure the cooler stays dry on the outside, getting rid of cooler sweat. The inside liner for each cooler bag is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the cooler, so you’ll always have a drink cooler in great shape, ready for your next outdoor hangout or expedition. And with many sizes and colors, you’re sure to find a cooler bag fit for you.

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