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Sola Wood Flowers
Assorted Wooden Flowers

Handcrafted and made to last · 100% recyclable & sustainable

These assorted wooden flower heads consist of beautifully handcrafted and sustainable flowers made from sheets of the cassava root (also known as yuca or arrowroot). Since the cassava plant is native to tropical climates, it is extremely drought-resistant, making it the perfect material for flowers that are made to last.

  • Handcrafted and made to last for years
  • Made with 100% recyclable and eco-friendly materials
  • Great for weddings, home decor, DIY projects and more
  • Flowers come without stems. Stems may be added as an easy DIY using floral wire and tape
  • Made in India
Sustainable Living


Twenty-five or fifty assorted flower heads. Stems are not included.


25 Pack: 9" x 14"; 50 Pack: 18" x 14"; 1" - 3" (each flower)


(varies) 0.5 - 0.8 lb


Sola wood


Store in a dry place


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