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AUS-ION Steel 9" Crepe Pan AUS-ION Steel 9" Crepe Pan

AUS-ION Steel 9" Crepe Pan

Independent Maker

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  • Materials: Low carbon mild steel
  • Care: Do not use soap or put in dishwasher. Care similar to cast iron. See care instructions
  • Made for a Lifetime: Warranty covers materials and workmanship defects. It requires that care instructions are followed
  • Seamless one-piece iron; no rivets or welding
  • Pre-seasoned bare iron for a natural, non-toxic, forever-renewable, low-stick surface
  • No heat limits
  • Even-heating on any heat source
  • Strong neck webbing and vents dissipate heat to keep handle cool
  • Ergonomic handle; wide and concave design for comfort and control
  • Much lighter weight than cast iron pans
  • Made in Australia
  • Dimensions: 18.3" x 11.8" x 2"
  • Weight: 3.53 lbs.
Independent Maker


4.5 avg. (2 reviews)

I am in love
10/07/2016 by amy
Absolutely love these pans - on my gift list for christmas. I am replacing my other pans and have a new favorite go to. They are lighter and just fit in my hands perfectly!!
A great cast iron pan that falls just short of perfection.
09/25/2016 by Patrick
This is a truly great cast iron pan that could be absolutely perfect if the handle truly dissipated heat better. As it is, it suffers from the same problem that every cast iron pan has, namely, it gets so hot that the handle cannot be held without a potholder. Although the design makes it slightly better than most cast iron pans, the truth is that the handle cannot be gripped without a glove or potholder. Otherwise, this is a great pan with a truly smooth cast iron face, incredibly non-stick right from the get go, a bit lighter in weight than most cast iron, and a great one piece design. Recommended.
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AUS-ION Steel 9" Crepe Pan

The AUS-ION steel crepe pan combines the best of cast iron and French steel pans—and is built to last a lifetime. The material cooks similarly to cast iron, but handles more like French steel. Its seamless design is pre-seasoned and cooks evenly, and the longer handle is easy to maneuver and vented to stay cooler. Backed by a multi-century guarantee, this could be the last crepe pan you ever buy.


Steel cooking pans that combine the best of cast iron and French steel pans are going to be a game changer in your kitchen. They even might be the last pan you ever buy.

The Australian-made AUS-ION steel pans are created from one seamless piece of iron (steel). The dense material cooks similarly to cast iron, but is lighter and thinner. The result is a hard-core pan that heats evenly and maneuvers easily. The durable pans are built to last a lifetime—which is why SOLIDTEKNICS backs them with a multi-century warranty.

Founder Mark Henry’s design features a longer, vented handle that stays relatively cool and is easy to control. And, each pan is pre-seasoned, too. Clean it like cast iron—so no soap or dishwasher—and it will continue to season with each use.

With a guarantee to last a lifetime, if not more, these hard-core pans will prove to be the new workhorse in your kitchen. more Their Story