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Water Filtration Carafe

by Soma

Full Details

  • Reservoir and filter manufactured in USA: California; Glass carafe custom made in Germany
  • Materials: Carafe: Glass; Reservoir: BPA-free ABS plastic; Filter: PLA, coconut shell carbon
  • Includes: One carafe, one filter
  • Care: Carafe is dishwasher safe. Reservoir must be hand washed
  • Glass carafe is German-engineered and designed to be shatter-resistant while keeping water crisp and fresh
  • Filters water using coconut carbon, proven to reduce aesthetic chlorine taste and odor
  • Carafe has a 48-ounce capacity
  • Filters are 100% biodegradable, made from coconut shells and a plant-based casing
  • Filter is designed to process 40 gallons of water, or about 2 months (should be replaced after 60 days of use)
  • Lid features a specially designed seal to prevent it from falling off when poured
  • Pour-through lid does not need to be removed when being filled
  • Dimensions: 10.7" x 6.5" diameter
  • Weight: 1 lb

2 avg. (2 reviews)

Great idea, great cars, great tasting water, a little bulky
07/26/2019 by Tee
Everything is fantastic about this product. But, if you’ve got small hands like me it’s a little cumbersome. I also have weak wrists which make it a little difficult to pour. It would be great if they put a handle on this item.
Waste of Money
04/11/2019 by Paula
I bought this product because I l liked the modern, minimalist styling; but it is not a product that is market ready. The water runs through the filter about one drop at a time, so if you want to fill the carafe, plan on 20+ minutes. Also, when pouring, the spout does not direct the water in a clean stream, so expect to have water outside your cup... whatever it's size. I wish I had returned it for a refund; but thought a new filter would help it work better ~~ It did not. This product should not be on the market and is a waste of money.
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Sustainable Living

Water Filtration Carafe

by Soma

Soma is an elegant, table-worthy glass carafe that contains an innovative filtration system made from biodegradable materials, including coconut shells and a plant-based casing.
Sustainable Living

Meredith Doherty

of Soma
The Soma water filtration system includes a carafe and filter. But unlike plastic pitchers, the innovative Soma vessel is artfully designed with German engineered, shatter-resistant glass, and the filters are organic and compostable. It keeps water fresh and clear, with the added benefit of being elegant enough to serve at the dinner table.

Soma founder Mike Del Ponte envisioned a water filter that was beautiful, easy to use and made of sustainable, plant based materials. He enlisted the help of water expert David Beeman, who designed filtration operations at Starbucks, Peets and Coffee Bean. Together they formulated the Soma filters with Malaysian coconut shells, an all natural solution that naturally screens chlorine and other harmful chemicals.

The carafe has a minimalist hourglass shape, with no bulky handle. It’s sized to fit ergonomically in your hand and comfortably inside the refrigerator. This water pitcher is as crisp and clean looking as the water it pours.