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  • Solar-Powered LED Light by SONNENGLAS - 1
  • Solar-Powered LED Light by SONNENGLAS - 2
  • Solar-Powered LED Light by SONNENGLAS - 3
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Solar-Powered LED Light

Full Details

  • For each hour in direct sunlight, the eco-friendly solar jar will provide around an hour's worth of light
  • Unique magnetic switch makes it easy to turn on and off
  • Waterproof
  • For indoor and outdoor use. Place on a flat surface or hang by its handle
  • Full battery charging time varies. In direct sunlight: Summer: 6-9 hours; Spring/Autumn: 10-12 hours; Winter: Several days. Add about 2 hours if the sky is overcast. Charging with the Micro-USB will take about 5 hours. Overcharging the device is not possible
  • The rubber seal prevents moisture getting inside. Below 32° Fahrenheit, the batteries lose part of their charging capacity
  • Option to charge via Micro-USB (cable not included)
  • Handmade in South Africa
  • Please check the fact sheet for more information
7" x 4.5" diameter
1.54 lbs

5 avg. (133 reviews)

Sustainable Living

Solar-Powered LED Light

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It’s sunshine in a jar. This 100% recyclable mason jar holds four solar-powered LEDs; inside the lid are solar cells. Simply place it in direct sunlight to charge the batteries, then flip the magnetic switch for hours of bright, soft light. Founder Harald Schultz, affectionately known as "Mr. Sunshine," put his solar industry knowledge to work for the greater good. These mason jar lamps have brought newfound skills, living wages, and passion for solar technology to South African workers. And they provide a safe, sustainable alternative to kerosene lamps.
Sustainable Living

Harald Schulz

The SONNENGLAS® solar-powered LED light was created by Stefan Neubig as a safe, sustainable alternative to kerosene lamps that are often the only source of light for for people with no access to electricity. The light casts a soft glow that is just the right brightness to read by or lighten up spots, like a patio. Add decorative pebbles, flowers, or your favorite touches to make it more personal.

Stefan partnered with engineer Harald Schultz to produce the lights in Johannesburg, South Africa. They use 100% recyclable glass and solar cells that can charge the four LED lights with just a few hours of exposure to the sun.

SONNENGLAS® is dedicated to exploring ways to make renewable energy a stronger part of our everyday lives, as well as giving back to the folks who make the light. Their workforce, predominantly undereducated and unemployed, now receive a living wage and training, so they are better able to pursue a brighter future.