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Water Bottle Humidifier

Full Details

  • Instructions: When assembling, ensure the spring is at the bottom of the filter tube. Press power button for 1.5 seconds to humidify at rate of 30 ml per hour and press for a second time to humidify at 50 ml per hour. Press a third time for 1.5 seconds to turn off. To change the light mode press the power button for 0.5 seconds. See full instructions for more information
  • Take filter out and soak in water before use. Filters that are not wet enough may result in the humidifier not working properly
  • Unique plastic cover disguises water bottle
  • Essential oils can be added to the water, if desired
  • Adjustable spray volume of either 30 ml or 50 ml per hour
  • Auto shut-off after 7 hours
  • Timer has 3-, 5- and 7-hour options
  • Features multiple light modes: rotating colors, one color, or off
  • LED light flashes when detects water shortage
  • Over-current/over-voltage protection
  • Power button vibrates when pressed
  • Please note: Use as directed. Do not use hot water. Do not inhale mist directly. Do not let the mist come in contact with furniture, walls, or electronics to prevent water damage. Keep this product out of the reach of children and pets
Cover: ABS plastic; Humidifier: Plastic housing, LED lights; Bottle: PET
One water bottle humidifier with USB cable, one PET bottle, three filters, one shade. Does not include an adapter plug
Maintain sufficient water in the unit during operation. Do not use in direct sunlight or near a heater
9.4" x 3.9" diameter
0.59 lb

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Water Bottle Humidifier

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A water bottle humidifier makes it easy to add moisture to the air in your space, wherever that space might be. The compact, USB-powered design fits onto most standard water bottles and is suited to work in small areas (think desk or bedside table) or while you’re traveling. Features like light modes, adjustable spray, and a timer help set the just-right scene. You can even add essential oils to the water.
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This water bottle humidifier is one of those so-smart ideas that had us wondering, why didn’t we think of that? For Sookyoung Kim and the team at SPEXTRUM, it’s the kind of solution they are always thinking about. SPEXTRUM is all about elevating the everyday essentials to function well and look good. Their compact humidifier is a perfect example of their approach. It’s USB-powered to go just about anywhere with you and works in smaller spaces, like on a desk or bedside. A removable shade can disguise it—and it looks nice lit up, because of course this humidifier lights up. There are many other features built in, too, like adjustable mist, light modes, and a timer. All that packed into a bottle-top humidifier? Why didn’t we think of that?