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Spinal Alignment Board Spinal Alignment Board

Spinal Alignment Board

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  • Made in the USA: Norwalk, CT
  • Material: Premium grade hardwood
  • Care: Wipe with damp cloth
  • Includes spinal alignment board, one set of custom sized risers, and instructions
  • Handcrafted, ergonomic design
  • Easy to use
  • Helps to correct posture, increase spinal flexibility, and relieve pain
  • Additional Riser for Spinal Alignment Board available for purchase (sold separately)
  • Please note: Not suitable for those with severe osteoporosis, severe scoliosis, back rods, or those who have undergone back surgery in the past year
  • Dimensions: Board: 23.75" x 11.5" x 2"; Risers: 8" x 1.5" x 1.5" - 3.5"
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs. Riser Sizing:
  • 1.5” Riser: For very sensitive backs, those with fibromyalgia and arthritis in their back
  • 2.0” Riser: Universal starter riser—most popular
  • 2.5” Riser: For those with flexible spines typically with frequent yoga/pilates experience
  • 3” Riser: For those with very flexible spines who have already used the 2.5" risers
  • 3.5” Riser: For professional athletes, gymnasts, dancers, and yoga/pilates teachers
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


5 avg. (8 reviews)

06/26/2019 by Yareny
It helped me reduce the pain I had towards my shoulder and lower back after a week of use
Everything and Then Some
03/19/2019 by LINDA
Let me start by saying Thank You the Dr Beverley and Dr Chris for your fabulous invention! I had lower back surgery a few years ago and have recently developed a scoliosis. In just the short period of time that I have been using the board, I am already noticing an improvement. I can feel my spine moving into alignment slowly each and every time I use it. I have been using it twice a day and may increase it to three times.(it just feels that good)! Dr Beverley took the time to personally return my phone call to discuss my question and concerns, taking all the time I needed to be sure noting was left unanswered. Being in the healing profession myself, I believe this product should be in every household. By far and away , This is THE ABSOLUTE BEST PRODUCT I HAVE PURCHASED ON THE GROMMET TO DATE!
Thank you!!!!!
06/13/2017 by Shannon
I work as a nurse and we lift patients up in bed all night. I come home and sleep on bags of ice, but I have this constant pain in the middle of my upper back. This wonderful board takes the pain away--I have had this pain for 10+ years. Thank you for your product!! I can't believe I could love a wood board, but I do!!
A difference Maker
01/31/2017 by Jeffrey
I have tried multiple devices and this simple dude is a real difference maker.
So far so good!
01/13/2017 by John
I think this is the type of product that results will be hard to measure. I absolutely love it though. Like most people I have to much forward head posture, so this product should do the trick over time as it helps me re align my spine and neck. The craftsmanship is quality.
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Spinal Alignment Board

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Designed by chiropractors, this wooden posture corrector can help realign your spine—and help you reap the benefits of improved posture like core strength, better breathing, and reduced stress. It stretches the muscles surrounding your spine, using just gravity and your own body weight. Choose risers in the height that matches your body type and fitness level.

Pure Posture

This posture corrector might just be the backbone to a healthier you. Pure Posture is a custom spinal alignment board designed by chiropractors Chris Sova and Beverley Marr—and it’s Made in the USA.

We’re often told to improve our posture, and not just because we look more confident and poised. Better posture helps improve breathing and strengthen your core. It even promotes stress reduction and lessens strain on your neck and shoulders.

Using the board is as simple as lying down—your body weight and gravity do the rest. A pair of risers target either side of your spine. (You choose the riser height that suits your body type and fitness level). Start by applying pressure at the top of your spine then slowly make your way down the groove.

It might feel a little uncomfortable, but it’s also rejuvenating. The risers will release tension around your spine, opening up your lungs and giving range to your movement. When we tried it out, the difference was apparent as soon as we stood up.

Like a personal chiropractor, this posture board can help relieve the symptoms of slouching and realign your spine. more Their Story

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