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Ceramic Figures Ceramic Figures

Ceramic Figures

Made in the USA

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  • Made in the USA: Massachusetts
  • Each piece is hand-sculpted and distinct
  • Unique ringing rattle noise when shaken
  • Kiln glazed
3" x 2"
0.5 lb
Made in the USA


5 avg. (19 reviews)

11/04/2019 by Sandra
Your Spirit Shaker is just my kind of 'pretty'. I love everything unusual & lovely & it is right up my alley. Thanks so much, Sandra.
Good vibes
08/04/2019 by Vickie
Speedy delivery. My sisters-in-law needed some good energy felt daily while keeping her mother at peace while fighting a losing battle with cancer. She felt comfort just holding the little spirit in her hand. Thank you
Spirit shakers
07/11/2019 by Vickie
Just look at that face - how could I resist. And so exquisitely made. Beautiful. And it is a musical instrument. Well done
06/28/2019 by Cathleen
Scary and Sweet
06/27/2019 by Catherine
This item is scary, so don't gift it to children who could dream about it in a bad way. The use of this is good, but some of the faces are haunting!
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Ceramic Figures

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Handmade ceramic figures by artist, Jon Baring-Gould. Each palm-sized shaker has a distinctly expressive face.

Spirit Shakers

It’s hard to explain the appeal of these figures, which are filled with a mysterious (and melodious) substance. But they have a way of becoming just what you need them to be: a charming palm rattle and calming influence when your mind is racing. or a source of good spirits when you need a lift.

The Maker is Jon Baring-Gould, who makes these ceramic shakers by hand. Each one has a distinctly expressive face. With just a few deft impressions and cuts in the clay, Jon creates a personality for each palm-sized shaker.

An artist and educator, Jon has been making Spirit Shakers for about a decade. He was inspired by a spirit gourd he received as a gift from a witch many years ago. If you’re feeling contemplative, want to make some tickling music, or want to encourage some happy thoughts, why not let Jon’s Spirit Shakers move you? They also make a great gift for someone who could use a bit of cheer or to celebrate any happy occasion. more Their Story