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Blue Light Screen Protector Blue Light Screen Protector

Blue Light Screen Protector

by SPY

Full Details

  • Materials: Ion-treated tempered glass
  • Care: Clean with microfiber cloth (included)
  • Prevents harmful UV & blue light rays from damaging your eyes and reduces visual fatigue
  • Scratch-resistant tempered glass
  • HD clarity provides unobstructed view of phone screen
  • Beveled edges for added comfort and to prevent chipping
  • Easy, seamless installation
  • Made in Japan
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 5.31" x 0.02"
  • Weight: 0.019 lb.


4.5 avg. (13 reviews)

08/28/2017 by Kim
I love this protector. I have had it now for about two years and it's been great! I've dropped my iPhone several time and still it's not broken...yeah!!! But now I just bought an iPhone 7 Plus, the bigger one...and went to order your GREAT protector screen and saw you don't offer it in the bigger size, is there a plan to offer the bigger size...soon, I hope & pray. Thank you!
Wistful iPad user
07/22/2017 by Peni Hall
Sounds wonderful... I was excited ..... till I saw it was only for phones ... will it ever come for iPads and kindles? How much weight does the glass add to the device?
Excellent screen protector to protect my eyes!
05/23/2017 by Meegs
I spend a lot of time on my phone, and my eyes are noticeably less tired at the end of the day. Thank you!
Easy on the eyes and cuts some of the glare
05/17/2017 by Barb
After cataract surgeries, I found this screen protector is easier on my eyes and actually eliminates some of the glare. My eyes don't get as tired as they used to after using my phone non-stop for an hour or more. It is sturdy and provides good protection for my occasionally dropped phone. I have been using this product for well over a year. I am glad I gave the SPY a try.
Saved my screen from a chip
02/24/2017 by Kristiana
It does reduce visibility a bit, but I can't argue its effectiveness as a protector. I actually had a chip taken out of the SPY rather than my glass, which made it worth the price of admission.
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Blue Light Screen Protector

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Not all blue light is the same—so this screen protector takes a different approach. Short-wave blue light can fatigue and damage eyes, but long-wave blue light can boost your mood and help promote calmness. This screen protector filters out the harmful blue light while letting the good through—all while protecting against nicks and cracks, thanks to scratch-resistant, ion-coated glass.


SPY’s blue light screen protector is a different take on filtering out light from your phone. Not all blue light is created equal—some is actually helpful. This glass shield knows the difference between harmful short-wave blue light and beneficial long-wave. It only blocks the bad blue light, along with harmful UV rays.
Overexposure to short-wave blue light creates fatigue and can even damage eyes. But long-wave blue light can promote happiness-inducing serotonin, as well as melatonin, which can help increase calmness and improve sleep.
SPY’s screen protector is an invisible shield that protects your eyes and the screen. Its tempered glass has a scratch-resistant coating and beveled edges to help prevent nicks and chipping, but it won’t alter your screen’s clarity.
A leader in optics for over 20 years, SPY knows quite a bit about lenses and light. Anyone who spends time looking at their phone—so, pretty much all of us—could benefit from some smart filtering. more Their Story