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Automated Electronic Chess Board Automated Electronic Chess Board

Automated Electronic Chess Board

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  • Instructions: Turn on the chessboard. Open the Square Off app on your phone. Make sure Bluetooth is on. Phone will automatically detect the chessboard. Start playing
  • Automated movements
  • Enables you to analyze and improve your game
  • Play against the AI with 20 difficulty levels or with 24 million chess players in the world on
  • Grand Kingdom Set features automatic game reset and ability to stream live games
  • Please note: Choking hazard, keep out of reach of small children
  • Made in China
Board: Rosewood, MBF, electronics; Chess pieces: Wood
Charger, chess pieces, phone stand, user manual
App Compatibility
Requires Android 4.3 and up or iOS 9.0 or later
Battery Life
Kingdom Set: 15 games; Grand Kingdom Set: 30 games
Chess Pieces
32 + 2 (queen)
Chess Program Rating
Stockfish 8 with ELO rating ranging from 800 up to 3000
Kingdom: 19.09" x 19.09" x 1.92"; Grand Kingdom: 23.74" x 19.05" x 1.92"
Kingdom: 10.36 lbs; Grand Kingdom 11.91 lbs
Small Business Support


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Automated Electronic Chess Board

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Square Off is an electronic chess board powered by robotics and artificial intelligence. You can play chess against the board’s AI—which has 20 difficulty levels—so that you always have a worthy opponent. You can also play chess with a friend or any chess player from our community of 24 million players anywhere in the world.

Square Off

This chessboard thinks for itself, makes its own moves, and can connect you to chess players around the world. The Square Off chess set is a brainchild of Bhavya Gohil and Aatur Mehta, two friends who decided to revolutionize the way the world plays chess. While this chessboard offers a traditional experience, it couldn't be more futuristic. The board is powered by artificial intelligence and robotics that move your opponent's pieces. You can challenge any player online through the app, or choose from 20 difficulty levels to take on the board’s AI. The handcrafted board and the intricately carved pieces put the royal in our Kingdom and Grand Kingdom sets. more Their Story