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Flip Reel Hand Reel Flip Reel Hand Reel

Flip Reel Hand Reel

Independent Maker

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  • Materials: Reel: UV stable plastic; Hook: Steel; Clip Swivel: Brass; Sinker: Lead
  • Care: Rinse with fresh water before each use
  • Includes fishing reel pre-loaded with 165 feet of 17 lb. line and small tackle kit
  • Unique, flexible design folds over tackle for safe-hook storage
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable hand-line fishing
  • Features built-in line cutter
  • Compact and portable
  • Great for hiking, camping, kayaking/canoeing, beach, boating, and leisure
  • Recommended for ages 6+
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 6.1" D
  • Weight: 0.33 lb. Small Tackle Kit (included):
  • Includes 22" line and in-line egg sinker (0.03 lb.)
  • Small, red plated hook
  • Brass snap barrel swivel
  • Includes small size hook, sinker, and swivel clip
Independent Maker


5 avg. (4 reviews)

Love them!
07/09/2019 by Elsa
These little guys are great! We’ve purchased some for ourselves and some as gifts. They are great for traveling. We’ve taken them to Hawaii and Mexico. We have successfully caught fish with them and the kids have had great fun fishing. This summer we will be using them in Missouri and Oregon.
My son
05/16/2018 by Ashley
My son loved the hand reel. He has been watching fishing shows where people were using hand reels. So we found this one and bought it for him. The only thing that we were disappointed with is the amount of fishing line it came with.
Great for kids
06/30/2017 by Kimberly
My little nephew loves to fish and I think the poll was too much for him so I gave this to him and he just loved it it makes fishing so much easier for small hands
07/06/2016 by Bob
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Flip Reel Hand Reel

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The Flip Reel is a modern twist on a hand line fishing reel. The lightweight, portable design has an ergonomic grip that’s easy to hold, as well as a built-in line cutter and notches for hooks. A flexible collar folds over the line, making it even more compact while keeping the line neatly stored and hooks tucked safely away. Stow one in the car or kayak so you’re always ready to cast a line.


As a kid growing up in Australia, Robert Tiller first learned to fish using hand line fishing reels. This traditional method doesn’t use a rod. You hold the line in-hand, which lets you feel every tug and bite. It’s easier to control than a rod, too, which is perfect for kids and beginners.

Robert decided to bring back their beloved hand reels, with design updates that make them ready to cast whenever the mood—or fish—strikes. His Flip Reel is lightweight, portable, and small enough to stash in your kayak or backpack.

Adding to Flip Reel’s compactness and anywhere-readiness, it has a flexible collar that folds over the line. The collar keeps the line neatly in place and hooks tucked safely away, where they can’t catch or snag something. There’s also a line cutter built in, and notches to hold hooks.

With a Flip Reel on hand, any time can be fishing time. more Their Story

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