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Anti-Rust Razor Saver Anti-Rust Razor Saver

Anti-Rust Razor Saver

Independent Maker
Sustainable Living

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  • Instructions: Shake the water from your razor and attach it to the SteelBee after shaving
  • Prevents corrosion to extend blade life up to three times
  • Fits all standard men’s and women’s razors including razors from brands Gillette, Harry's, Venus, and Schick
  • Reduces razor waste and saves money
  • Elevates razor blades, allowing for airflow to remove moisture
  • Can be used to protect your razor during travel
  • Please note: Small parts. Keep out of reach of children. Not compatible with safety razors or single/double blade single use plastic razors
  • Made in the USA from domestic and imported parts
Silicone and vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) plastic
One SteelBee razor saver
Replace every two years
2" x 1" x 1"
0.03 lb
Independent Maker
Sustainable Living


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Anti-Rust Razor Saver

Using patented technology, the SteelBee releases a protective vapor shield around your blades that keeps the steel protected from moisture. This protective shield dramatically slows the corrosion process and extends the life of your razor blades up to three times.


SteelBee Makers Matt, Derek, and Justin were on a mission to spend less on razors and reduce waste by extending the life of the razors they purchased regularly. After some research into razor production, they discovered that corrosion is what dulls the blades. Manufacturers prevent this corrosion from taking place during transport by coating the blades in a thin, rust-protectant film. This film is intentionally designed to wear off after initial use, leaving the steel blades exposed and vulnerable to corrosion.

After designing, testing, and prototyping many different concepts, the work of these three Makers culminated in the SteelBee razor saver. It works by releasing a thin protective layer of vapor around your blades that effectively adds a replacement film, keeping the steel protected from air and moisture between uses. This protective shield dramatically slows the corrosion process, extending the life of your razor blades by two to three times. more Their Story