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  • Farmer's Popcorn Cob - 6-Pack by Sunflower Food Company - 1
  • Farmer's Popcorn Cob - 6-Pack by Sunflower Food Company - 2
  • Farmer's Popcorn Cob - 6-Pack by Sunflower Food Company - 3
  • Farmer's Popcorn Cob - 6-Pack by Sunflower Food Company - 4
  • Farmer's Popcorn Cob - 6-Pack by Sunflower Food Company - 5

Farmer's Popcorn Cob - 6-Pack

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: Lenexa, KS
  • Materials: Corn, plastic wrapper, paper bags
  • Care: Store in a cool dry place
  • Includes: Six popcorn cobs with six bags for popping. One cob makes roughly four to six cups of popcorn
  • Instructions: Remove plastic wrapper, place cob in popping bag horizontally. Fold bottom of bag over three times. Pop for one to one and a half minutes. Do not use the "popcorn" button on microwave as it is too powerful and may burn the cob. Do not pop for longer than two minutes. Let cool before enjoying
  • No flavors or additives. Make it your own with seasoning and butter
  • 90-95% of the kernels pop off, the remaining stay on the cob
  • Cobs have a shelf life of nine months to one year
  • Please note: Each microwave may vary in popping time. Do not leave unattended
  • For ages 5+
  • Dimensions: 6" x 2" x 1"
  • Weight: 0.16 lb

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Made in the USA

Farmer's Popcorn Cob - 6-Pack

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Popcorn on the cob is a charmingly old-fashioned way to enjoy this favorite snack. Put the whole cob in the bag and microwave it. Most of the kernels will pop off, but some will remain and can be eaten right off the cob. All-natural, non-GMO and grown fresh in Kansas.
Made in the USA

Sunflower Food Company

Sunflower Food Company has taken a tried-and-true favorite snack and infused it with old-timey charm simply by leaving the popcorn on the cob. The Kansas-based, family-run team is headed up by Brian Chisam—and he has lots of family members working alongside him. They introduced their popcorn on the cob over 20 years ago and it continues to be a hit. We totally get why. It’s easy to make (put it in the bag, microwave it, and enjoy) and fun to eat. Most of the kernels pop off, but some stay on the cob and can be eaten that way. The corn is sourced from a local farm in Kansas. It’s all-natural, non-GMO, and without any flavors or additives. So you can feel good about getting your snack on.
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