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Near-Ear Bluetooth Speaker Near-Ear Bluetooth Speaker

Near-Ear Bluetooth Speaker

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  • Materials: Silicone rubber, ABS plastic, and lithium polymer battery
  • Care: Can be cleaned off with a damp towel/cloth or gently rinsed of sand, lotion, and other debris with water. For stains, wash with a mild soap, rinse, and dry with soft cloth
  • Includes wireless speaker, two adjustable mounting straps for different size high back chairs, USB 2.0 charging cable, and instructions
  • Single or shared mode allows you to sync 2 SunTunes™ with 1 device
  • Bluetooth 4.1 connected, 30 ft. Bluetooth range
  • IPX6 rated: Water-, sand-, and heat-resistant
  • Ear Safe decibel level below 85 dB at max volume
  • Creates a personal audio space
  • Makes and receives phone calls
  • Features integrated power, volume, skip/last track, pause button, and play button
  • Can be used with removable straps to mount on a beach chair, wear around your neck, or use laying flat
  • Battery life: 14 hours (can vary with use/speaker volume)
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


3 avg. (4 reviews)

04/05/2018 by Frank
A cool idea that combines the personal listening of earbuds with the awareness of your surroundings. No more ear fatigue from always wearing my buds! Headphones & earbuds get a rest with this device. Battery life is consistent with 14-hour spec., depending on how loud I listen to them. Love the fact that not only are they perfect for listening to audio books at the beach, but also while working & relaxing at my computer, or taking a morning walk before work, while remaining safe & aware of traffic. Decent sound for a small package. May not be perfect for every situation (such as high activity), but worth the money to have as an option to specific use cases, especially traveling & hooking on my golf cart with the magnetic speaker backs. I would definitely recommend to family & friends.
Don't waste your money!
11/10/2017 by Linda
HORRIBLE!! I hesitated about spending this much money on headphones but loved the idea about being able to listen to shows on my iPad without completely blocking out the sounds around me. The headphones did that- also I had no problem connecting to Bluetooth. The problems are 1. turning on the headphones is difficult. You need to press VERY. firmly in the exact spot to turn them on. After only using these headphones a few dozen times I was no longer able to turn them off. Okay - well I will just have to keep them on- which brings me to problem 2. The charging cord no longer works- I am unable to even get it to stay in. So I am left wit $80 headphones I cannot turn on or off and cannot charge. I have purchase many items from The Grommet and I like the unique selection. However the SunTunes head set was a major disappointment. Valerie from SunTunes responds: Linda, thank you for taking the time to share your review. We strive to continuously improve on our products and your feedback helps us to do just that. We extend our sincere apologizes regarding the issue you experienced. We are a young innovative company and have a high standard of quality, and your purchase should never have been an exception. We serve many customers a week, and customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. If a product is not working or standing up to its task, we want to know about it. We would greatly appreciate you reaching out to us at [email protected] so that we can make it right. Hope you have a great day.
Had to return.
06/23/2017 by Connie
I had problems connecting, but my husband has one that works great. As soon as my refund arrives I will be reordering. Grommet was great with the return process.
Handy in the gym
06/15/2017 by carolyn
Is easy to connect to the TV or phone while riding the stationary bike or walking on treadmill or around the track. I've never felt comfortable not being able to hear the people around me or know when others are around. I have had no complaints of others being able to hear my speakers.
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Near-Ear Bluetooth Speaker

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You don’t have to negotiate between wireless speakers or earphones. These Bluetooth beach speakers create a personal, near-ear listening experience to give you the best of both. They’re heat-, sand-, and splash-proof—and they work beyond the beach, too. Listen to your favorite tunes, still hear what’s going on around you, and leave others free from hearing your music.


These Bluetooth beach speakers don’t block out the beach . . . or anything else around you. They are a smart alternative to bulky over-the-ear headphones & tangly ear buds.

SunTunes™ are water-resistant, heatproof speakers that create a near-ear, private listening experience so you can still hear the world, but the world doesn’t have to hear your music.

They’re the product of a hectic beach day. Makers Mike and Valerie Miskin were by the water, tuning into their kids while trying to tune out the loud music from their neighbors. They started troubleshooting. How could they keep their ears open (as a safety precaution with young kids) while enjoying music and not disrupting others?

This earphone/speaker hybrid has a versatile design, with included straps. You choose whether to sling them over a chair or lounger, lay them flat, or wear them around your neck. Then enjoy your tunes, the sound around you, and knowing that you’re not disturbing anyone else. more Their Story