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Supreme Products
Pocket Chainsaw

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The Pocket Chainsaw is ideal for anyone who needs a safe, dependable saw that’s compact, portable and easy to carry. This hand-powered chainsaw can replace many of your existing tree trimming tools, including pruning saws, bush trimmers, and mechanical chainsaws, with multiple easy-to-use functions and zero emissions.

  • Made in Sterling Heights, Michigan
  • Coated for rust resistance
  • Case fits into pockets
  • Features 124 bi-directional teeth
  • Please note: For your personal safety, always wear gloves and eye protection. Keep a firm footing and stand clear of falling limbs
Made in the USA


One Pocket Chainsaw, attachment hooks, handles, case


Wound: 5" x 4" x 1"; Unwound: 48" x 1" x 1"


0.45 lb


Heat treated and coated steel, stainless steel, nylon rope, molded plastic handles


Clean and dry after use as needed


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Supreme Products

At the age of 75, Maker Anthony Muhlling recognized that he was going to need tools that were better suited for his body and capabilities. He decided to design a saw that anyone could use—no matter how strong they are and without fear of injury. This is what led to the creation of Supreme Products and the Pocket Chainsaw, which combines unsharpened steel teeth and plastic handles into a handheld tool that can cut through a three-inch tree limb in less than fifteen seconds. The chainsaw produces zero emissions and has a compact, portable, and easy-to-carry design. Almost thirty years later, Supreme Products and the Muhlling family are still making saws in Sterling Heights, Michigan, sharing Anthony’s passion for innovation and making tools that are approachable, simple, and a joy to use.

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