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Wave-Powered Surfer

Full Details

  • Materials: Surfboard: Closed cell power foam surfboard; Surfer, wing and skeg: ABS plastic
  • Care: Rinse with fresh water after beach use
  • Instructions: Insert skeg (the fin underneath the rear of a surfboard) into surfboard first, snap wing onto the skeg, then attach the surfer figure. See assembly instructions for full details
  • Gently sloping sandy beaches are ideal, avoid strong currents and rocky beaches. Do not use in waves over three feet
  • Patented design allows the figure to self-right and surf the wave back to you
  • Also great for floating in the pool or tub
  • Please note: Some assembly required. Use with adult supervision
  • For ages 6+
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 11" x 6" x 7.5"
  • Weight: 0.25 lb

4 avg. (5 reviews)

08/17/2019 by Kim
Took it to the Gulf of Mexico to play with my grandson. Surfer had trouble righting itself several times, and failed to ride very many waves. Spent more time chasing it down than watching it surf. My son who is a surfer says that’s real life surfing sometimes, but my grandson and I gave up playing after 30 minutes. Toy is nicely constructed and colorful. Perhaps we’ll try again someday
Cool toy
02/13/2019 by James
Bought this for me because the videos looked really fun. I am a sucker for old-tyme toys and while this is a modern toy, it has the play-value of the old toys that used to define childhood. Can't wait to play with it at the beach. Whoever invented this deserves a prize.
07/26/2018 by Susan
Day at the beach (MA) with 2 grandkids, (girl 10 boy 12); they played ALL DAY with the dudes and 4 people asked about them. You may soon have a run on the surfers. Kids hurled them into the bigger waves, they bobbed up and 'surfed' on the smaller ones back to the beach. Excellent.
Great toy!
07/26/2018 by stacy
Took them to Hawaii for my 3 and 5 year old grandkids. They love them! Take them in the ocean with them and play!
Cool gifts
07/25/2018 by steve
I bought this for my grandson and granddaughter’s trip to the beach. It was a big hit.
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Wave-Powered Surfer

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Toss this surfer toy into the waves and it will self-right in the water and surf back to you. (Kind of like a water-based boomerang.) Kids will delight in throwing the toy and watching it come back time after time, which is the result of years of careful engineering. No batteries, no noise—just surfing fun at the beach.
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Surfer Dudes

Each Surfer Dude is amazing to watch and endlessly fun to play with. It’s a surfer toy made to ride the waves. Toss it into the water and it will self-right and surf the wave back to you—kind of like a boomerang, but with surfer style.

The design might seem simple, but it took the Surfer Dude team years to engineer the toy to consistently get that cool surfing action. The magic comes from a self-righting hydrodynamic manta wing and unsinkable foam surfboard. It’s carefully weighted to get the right balance and it doesn’t need any batteries to do its thing. (Hence, all that careful design work.)

Kids will be delighted tossing a surfer into the waves and watching it come back—every time.