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Heavy Duty Hand Soap Scrubber - Trio Pack

Heavy Duty Hand Soap Scrubber - Trio Pack

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  • Materials: Scrubber: Reticulated foam; Soap: Propylene glycol, glycerin, sugar, stearic acid, lauric acid, water, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, titanium dioxide, tocopheryl acetate
  • Includes: Three soap-infused scrubbers: one aggressive (red), one medium (yellow), one mild (green)
  • Instructions: Wet hands and use soap infused scrubber to clean away dirt, grime, paint and more
  • Integrated finger rail for hard-to-reach areas
  • Color-coded to separate different intensities
  • Features clean lemon scent
  • Please note: For external use only
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Each: 3.75" x 3.75" x 2.75"
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
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5 avg. (17 reviews)

Great for the greasy, grimy hands
01/11/2020 by DDeBrito
My father and two nephews are big equipment mechanics and they LOVE this soap. It’s so much gentler than Lava soap and scrubs just enough to get the hands clean in warm water without killing their skin when their hands are dry.
Great soap
11/01/2019 by Ellen
Grommet has practical items
Cleans hands - a little to harsh on skin
10/31/2019 by Vicki
I bought this for my son that works on cars and tires all day long. His hands (and most of his exposed skin) is so dirty at the end of the day. The soap does work well to get him clean, however since his skin can be sensitive to certain things we found out that this soap was too harsh on his skin. Tried all three levels, scrubbed a little less, and still had reaction to soap. I will be giving it to another family member to use :)
Great scrubber
05/12/2019 by Michael
Excellent soaps with scrubbers inside. Have only used medium grade an works great. I am in a wheelchair now and grime from tires gets hands especially dirty. Medium soap seems to work great!
05/05/2019 by Franklin
Great soap! I bought a few more sets for my friends.
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Heavy Duty Hand Soap Scrubber - Trio Pack

Heavy duty hand soap for seriously dirty clean-ups. This trio of hefty bar soaps is built tough to tackle things like paint, grease, and dirt and has a built-in scrubber to double down on cleaning. A finger rail helps you reach all the grimy spots and there are three levels of intensity to pick from. Soap all gone? You can still use the scrubber.


Neil Stockman and Skye Wollenberg made bar soap scrubbers to tackle the tough clean-up jobs they needed for their own hard-working hands. The friends couldn’t find soap that was tough on stubborn grime but friendlier on the skin than a hardcore solvent. SURLY is the result of years of perfecting their perfectly tough soap. It’s great if you’re a mechanic, gardener, carpenter, or painter (like Neil) who needs extra muscle on things like grease, oil, paint, and grime.

Each hefty bar of soap has a built-in scrubber that’s doubly tough when you’re cleaning up. Neil and Skye are particularly proud of this addition that took them two years to get just right. A finger rail hits hard-to-reach spots and there are three levels of scrubbing intensity to pick from. Soap all gone? The scrubber lives on. more Their Story