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Handcrafted Swingboard

UV- and water-resistant · Great for hanging from a tree, porch, rafter, or swing set


This standing swing lets you sail through the air, while cultivating the balance and core strength needed to graduate to board sports. But kids will just think it’s fun. Made in the USA from hard maple wood, Swurfer is designed to mimic a skateboard or snowboard, letting kids swing side to side as well as back and forth. Adjustable wooden handles add stability.

  • Included rope allows swingboard to hang at a maximum height of twenty feet
  • Board finished to be UV- and water-resistant
  • Great for hanging from a tree, porch, rafter, or swing set
  • Unique design allows for a wide range of swinging movements
  • Optional SwurfGrip Traction Pads available for purchase (sold separately)
  • Rope color may vary
  • Professional installation recommended
  • Please note: Swinging with The Swurfer involves inherent risk: use with caution. Adult supervision advised
  • Made in China

Weight limit:

200 lbs




Swingboard, one set of handles and one length of UV/mildew-resistant rope measuring eighty feet


31.25" x 10.5" x 5.5"


9 lbs


100% hard-rock maple wood and high-strength rope


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Pretend you’re hitting the slopes or catching a wave—in the air. Swurfer is a standing swing designed to mimic the movement of board sports. It’s curved just like a surfboard or skateboard, with adjustable handles that add stability while you g…

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