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Taco Toaster
Crispy Taco Shell Tool - Set of 2

Crispy taco shells without oil or frying · Fits standard toasters · Dishwasher safe

Toast tacos to perfection without oil, frying, or unwanted mess. This tool slides corn or flour tortillas into a toaster to crisp them up in a fast and easy way. It works with any toaster, is dishwasher safe, and Made in the USA.

  • Made in Dana Point, California
  • Instructions: Slide tortilla in between the stainless steel and red resin. Fold in half and drop into your toaster. Corn tortillas will require two toasts. One at high temperature for the longest amount of time, one at high temperature for half the time. Flour tortillas will only need one toast. Toasting duration may vary due to the wattage of the toaster. Maker suggests taking an additional step by having your tortillas dampened with water and heated in the microwave for 15 seconds before placing on the Crispy Taco Shell Tool
  • Low-calorie alternative to frying tortillas in oil
  • No mess with a simple clean up. The tool is dishwasher safe
  • Fits any standard 5.5" tortilla
  • Crispy Taco Shell Tool fits into a standard toaster
  • Please note: Run under cold water after two consecutive uses to cool down material, as device becomes pliable over 480° Fahrenheit
  • Please note: Taco Toaster will be hot immediately after use. Lift from the outer portion of the handle upon use. Taco Toaster shaft may darken after a few uses, due to the intense heat inside the toaster
  • Please note: Due to the weight of your Taco Toaster, your toaster will not "pop up," as if toasting a piece of bread. Remove with handle
Made in the USA


Two Crispy Taco Shell Tools


(each) 7.5" x 0.75" x 6.5"


(each) 0.3 lb


High-temp, FDA-approved, BPA-free resin, stainless steel


Cool under cold water after 2 consecutive uses. Dishwasher safe


Taco Toaster

Russ Loftin cooked up the idea for the Taco Toaster during one of his beloved family taco nights. They all loved tacos, but were frustrated that even with the healthiest of fillings, tacos became unhealthier once they hit the oil to be fried. He immediately set off to his garage to rig up a prototype. His family was amazed that the device was able to create a crispy taco shell right out of the toaster. The Taco Toaster tool creates crispy taco shells without oil, frying, or mess. It fits into standard toasters so just about anyone can make taco shells with corn or flour tortillas and way less hassle—but still with a satisfying crunch.