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TakeOFF Adhesive Remover
TakeOFF Wipes

Eco-friendly adhesive remover · Easy to use · Travel size

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  • Made in Santa Clarita, California
  • Compact and lightweight, travel size packaging
  • Easy to use, multi-purpose wipes
  • Manufactured with eco-friendly processes
  • Keep out of reach from children, TakeOFF Wipes should only be used by an adult
  • Please note: Household latex or poly gloves are recommended when applying the product
Made in the USA


One set of 25 individually packaged wipes


3.12" x 2.5" x 6"


0.27 lb


Microfiber cloth, proprietary TakeOFF adhesive remover solution


Use as you would with any household cleaner. Apply in a ventilated area, wash hands with mild soap and water if exposed to skin. Household latex or poly gloves are recommended when applying the product. Avoid contact with your eyes and rinse with water if eyes are exposed to the product

Safe on glass, granite, metal, nylon, painted surfaces, plastic, rubber, vinyl, shoes, floors, furniture, and household appliances. Do not use on unfinished wood, drywall, unsealed stone, silk, leather, suede, rubber, or latex


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