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Wearable Smart Thermometer Patch Wearable Smart Thermometer Patch

Wearable Smart Thermometer Patch

Made in the USA

Full Details

  • Assembled in the USA with domestic and foreign components
  • Materials: Plastic and FDA-cleared Medical Device for all ages
  • Use: Apply patch to clean dry skin, position sensor in center of armpit. The arm should be relaxed along the side of the body to enclose the temperature sensor in the armpit for best results (See placement diagram)
  • All thermometer components are latex- and mercury-free
  • Works with free TempTraq app for iOS or Android
  • Continuously monitors temperature for full 24 hours
  • Soft and flexible patch, easy to apply and comfortable
  • Real-time temperature recording within 40-foot range
  • Ideal for sick or fussy babies, children, and the elderly
  • Records and saves fever history
  • Programmable fever alerts
  • Bluetooth 4.0 compatible with devices running on iOS 7.1+ or Android 4.3+
  • Dimensions: 4" x 2"
  • Weight: 0.012 lb.
  • Note: TempTraq has recently been cleared for use with all ages. The packaging Grommet customers will receive at launch notes to consult a doctor when using on children under 2, but the team at TempTraq clarifies this is no longer necessary
Made in the USA


3.5 avg. (4 reviews)

I felt I was misled
07/09/2016 by Chenita
I thought this was a great idea but I did not realize the patch was one time use and refills are extremely expensive.
06/20/2016 by Lisa
This was a gift and I haven't heard. I thought it looked like a great idea.
lot of money for one
05/08/2016 by Arlene
I ordered this after seeing it on your site. It said one patch per use and it lasted for 24 hours but I didn't realize there was only one patch in the box!!! quite expensive far as I am concerned. I'm sure it works wonderfully but my daughter will have to return to regular temperature thermometers as this is above my price range.
Lifesaver for fever checking!
04/19/2016 by Janice
This is what our daughter had to say: This is a lifesaver for fever checking! We used it last night and found it easy to use and accurate. It matched what was taken with a digital thermometer when our worries got the best of us.
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Wearable Smart Thermometer Patch


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This FDA-cleared smart thermometer takes continual temperature readings for a full 24 hours. Each patch is made from a gentle adhesive and is meant for one use—ideal for monitoring a fever without disturbing someone who needs to rest. The patch sends the data to the app on your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, where it stores readings. You can also set alarms to know instantly if a temperature gets too high.


When you need to monitor a child’s (or even a grown-up’s) fever, TempTraq handles it for you. It’s a smart thermometer inside a single-use adhesive patch, and it takes a patient’s temperature every 10 seconds for up to 24 hours. Then all the data gets sent, via a free app, to your mobile device.

Set alerts to instantly know if a temperature gets too high—there’s no need to wake a resting patient. The app lets you share data with the doctor, and note medicine and food intake, too.

Even on sensitive skin, the gentle adhesive removes easily. Keep one (or two) at home or on a trip, and when a fever strikes, both you and your patient can rest a little easier. more Their Story